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Cadence Nicole

THE UNENDING LOVE ANTEDOTE ...The African Juttah 2012

And these are the descendants of the beauty rescued from the hands of the beast: Beast Of Beauty Featuring Cadence Nicole Coledalay
Starring: Branch Maurice Vincent, Cadence Nicole Coledalay, Phearce Mychal McPhearceson, Regan Central Whitehead, Celestial Allison Lopez, Roman Neal Copeson , Herenton Egan Lowed, South Lee Whitehead, North Lee Whitehead, Est West Anderson Whitehead and Regan Central Whitehead, Ctentri Israel Bonai, Tennyson Natali Rus’sell, Ambrey Carson Vincent, Kyler Nicole Duncan…

The African Juttah Infinite Genealogy

Unto Lorenzo Martin Vincent and Gabriella Trenae Cotson was born their first son Branch Maurice Vincent, their son Baldwin Fredrick Vincent , their son Nathan Helene Vincent, a son Drew Tylon Vincent and a son Ambrey Carson Vincent

Unto Richard Lee McPhearcson and Shirley Irene Votts was born their first son Phearce Mychal McPhearceson, their second son Jeremy Sephon McPhearceson and a daughter, Laura lay Votts

Unto Bradford Clifton Whitehead and Teresa Niki Board was born their first son South Lee Whitehead, their second North Lee whitehead, their third son Est Wes Anderson Whitehead and a daughter Regan Central Whitehead

Unto Tyson Michael Lopez and Jennifer Consuela Raphael was born their son Clay Martin Lopez and a daughter Celestial Allison Lopez Raphel,

Unto Rodger Carson Copeson and Erica Clarisse House was born their first son Roman Neal Copeson, their second son Collyn Nicoli Copeson and a daughter Deloris Megan House

Unto Contez James Lowed and Trenifer Ni’ce James was born their son Herenton Egan Lowed, a son Darius Cantrell Lowed and a daughter Hillary Canary James

Unto Vicente Raja Bonai and Melanie Faye Rus’sel was born a daughter Tennyson Natali Rus’sel, another daughter Kyler Nicole Bonai and a son Ctentri Israel Bonai

Unto Regan Central Whitehead and Phearson Mycal McPhearson was born their first son Tyson Lowd McPhearson and a son Skylar Mycal McPhearson and a daughter Brandy Eriel Whitehead

Unto Roman Neal Copeson and Celestria Allison Lopez was born their first daughter Cynthia Renée Copeson, a daughter Chelsea Alcee Copeson, and a daughter Kennedy Denice Lopez

Unto Branch Maurice Vincent and Tennyson Natali Russell was born their first daughter Cadence Nicole Vincent, and a son Dante Branch Vincent, and a son Scarlet Carlos Russell

Unto Jeremy Sephon McPhearceson and Chloe Bren Spotts Was born there first son Hedrick Tyler McPhearson, a daughter Tory Lynn McPhearson , and a daughter Tameka Lawren Spotts

Unto Lloyd Chester Moore and Laura lay Votts Phearson was born their daughter Brittany Lorry Moore, and a daughter Paris Teris Votts

THE UNENDING LOVE ANTEDOTE ...The African Juttah 2012

WR. 1992-1996

…The Failing Nights Are Laying A Foundation Of Solitude…
Scene I

-“May I? Sure, why not? I’m Herenton Egan, and you pretty lady? Regan, I’m Regan in such the hurry, but I had to ask you this one thing, will you be my escort to a dinner party Saturday Noon? I’m most honored Herenton Egan as you describe but that sound much like a date and I don’t date, you don’t, but how Regan is that possible? I have no intent of getting myself involve in that kind of relationship prior to my professional career I guess you could say, ah, well, I can’t argue with that, even if I could being a law student, I haven’t the time. It was nice meeting you Regan, it was nice Mr. Herenton talking with you as well. Wow, the hunk of the Social Center Herenton Egan, do tell, what did he say, what did he want, details, details? With you sitting so close Celeste I’m sure you more than heard and took notes, you know me so well, I can’t believe you turn him down, all the well wishes tossed into the proverbial wishing well just outside with his name on them and you just easily cast him aside. You’re right, when I had to decline I should’ve Celeste told him about you , yeah, yeah whatever, why is it your cream soda always taste better than, ….Rig!” As one popping a finger in her ear, bringing her back, had she like went off the deep end, space like, “hello, earth to Rig! Ah god I’m sorry, I was, what did you say? My god babe where were you? Ah, it’s no matter, Rig,” getting in her way, catching her tenderly by her arm, bringing her his way, “you can talk to me about anything, including you know, and what make you,” turning off at wiping tears getting along her cheeks, did new husband Phearce McPhearson know her so well, sometimes too well. “I was thinking about when I first met Herenton, he asked me on a date, I turn him down, I’d decided I wasn’t going to date until after my collegiate studies only to have him send flowers and an invitation to my house the next day, which sealed it, us. My god, none of this is as I planned, are you sure about this?” Looking this stunner gentlemen teary eye to eye, truly Phearce had tangled himself into something quite puzzling, even maze like “about us? I’m sure Rig all I want in this world is to make you happy, but can’t you freaking see! I don’t understand how is it I deserve that,” equally breaking down, horribly away, was a lovely day passing into the evening, portraying a stunning sunset,” shhhh, don’t do that, please babe don’t do that, you want me to explain how or why, but I can’t, Regan Central is all in the world to me, and I’m happy only when she is. Babe! Enfolding an enormous cry of hers along his feel good, smell good, so intensely strenuous hug, “please, just trust me, none of what has happen can be undone, we can pray the supreme that the best of divinity can be done with it but that’s all right, right? Hey I don’t know about you, but I’m starved, yeah,” as one pleased into that stunning smile of hers, was Phearce McPhearson always the perfect example how something so wrong could go so incredibly right, ”today is seafood night isn’t it? Yes, and I have just the right thing and you Regan Central Whitehead is going to love it, I did it for my mom once and she Rig felled in love, hum, I can’t wait.” >>>”I must admit Vince I’m surprised at this invitation, yeah," piercing astonishing eyes of his down, along his wine glass, was he wondering about this move himself. "To be honest Cadence, its Caddy, most call me Caddy, well Caddy, I’m looking to make some changes in my life, permanent changes and I want to know if you want to be a part of them? My god how astonishing," as one blushing heartily had no one ever been this direct, could ever be this direct, truly how invigorating. “I was blunt I know, but I’ve never done this before, possibly will never do it again. How about we first Vince introduce ourselves?" As one handing a beautifully manicured hand his directive was she wearing such the winning smile. "I’m Cadence Nicole, I’m of course Vincent Maurice, what is it Vincent Maurice you’re to do for a living?" Taking a bite of her fork was he not at all surprised how marvelously she handled herself, even his notable forwardness. "While I work Caddy with this incredible creature called woman, the first woman I’ve ever in my life had or felt intimate about, sorely so I admit but sometimes I don’t think she even know I’m alive. How could she not know unless she’s blind? Look at how astonishing you are, these eyes alone to simply die for, then to have such a passionate heart. So now you mock him, me, you mock me? What was mockery? Ah god you’re one of the most amazing men ever. When first I saw, excuse me, are you telling me you have an attraction toward me as well? So much so I barely sleep at night, the supreme as my witness. My god this is amazing," turning off, along, into an unbelieving smirk at such revelations, even nearing emotions tightening in his throat, stinging his eyes, even those stinging his nose to spilling, could he not believe what he was hearing, even all the more feeling? "Are you ok?" That she’s to slightly, passionately touch his fore arm, a stroke sending sensational vibes all over and through, that he possibly would have to excuse himself to the rest room. "Earth to,---I’m ok," meticulously inhaling to exhale himself into a calm was he visibly as one touching and clearing his throat into a brush along a near breakdown, "yes, thanks, I’m ok. It’s just that I never would’ve imagined, you know, no, I don’t know, I can’t do this" laying his napkin to the table at springing into his leave truly had he embarrassed himself enough, "you will have to excuse, Vince, please?" How out of a slight stand to him, to halt him, to contact his warm palm, hand into hers "I know how this, how scary this all feel, how scary it all seem, but believe me you’re not alone, I’m here with you. So we have similar feelings," seeing Vincent Maurice is to come again calmly, patiently to a seat did Cadence Nicole know exactly how he felt and how those feelings threaten so much of what they’d been lead to believe. "I think what is even more amazing Vince is we’re actually forgiving and humble enough at sharing such feelings, this is such the breakthrough is what I’m saying, can’t you feel it? Please don’t leave now, look I have a birthday party to go to, come with me, please? Come with you, just like that? Yes, just that like, come.”

…It Is Those Encounters You Hold Fast, As Well Their Well-Versed Voices, Chatter And Laughter And Soon. …
Scene II

-"So who is he?" As those peeking meticulously through a curtain at Cadence new bow, how truly dramatic it all was, "isn’t he a doll? It’s the Vincent guy on my job I told you about, he told me Mel he’s to make some changes in his life. Some permanent changes and how he’s to desire I be a part of them, are you serious? Hell yes I’m serious, have you heard anything so romantic in your life? To be honest Caddy no and hanging around with these jerks I probably never will. This is a great party by the way, ---way, way super, but you Mel always have great parties when mines are nothing but flops. While Cad he’s definitely not a flop, those blue-green eyes of his, hair just incredible, I want one, I know, I know, I mean he’s worth losing sleep over I kid you not. I better get out there, the vultures are beginning to circle, so how did you answer? He’s here isn’t he? Yeah well see if he got a brother or something, a twin, identical preferably. Sorry about that, so what did they think?" As one receiving from her a cold imbibe did Vincent Maurice know fully well what her disappearance was all about. "Your girlfriends I mean, ah that you’re definitely worth losing sleep over, ah that’s nice, I guess, this is some party by the way, yeah it gives us a reason to scream at each other and we’re not even official, that’s cute, really. You wanna get out of here, I know a great park, an awesome scenery, I don’t think Cadence I’ve ever been asked to go park before. That’s ok right, that I call you Cadence, it’s perfectly fine, I’m gonna tell Mel I’m leaving, you wanna come? She’s like my best friend in all the world. Yeah I’ll like to meet Mel, it’s actually Melrose, she’s quite the kidder so be warn. It’s Cadence right? That’s really cute Mike and how are you? Great, great! This is Vince, Vince, Mike, my stubborn as a donkey cousin, I see you been talking to aunt May, see you later, yeah you, look actually I have someone I want you to meet, you have time right, Vince? Yeah, sure, good, this way, Connie, babe?" That she’s to be busy as one truly getting her drink and dance on at completely ignoring him did cousin Mike always have some lame-brain for a girl, "Con? Yeah it’s me, your husband to be, you’re engaged? “Yeah, sort of, sort of? And who do we have here? Actually Con he’s with me," seeing how she’s to fall in love instantly at wrapping her arm into Vincent Maurice did Cadence Nicole hope her cousin Mike was kidding about this one, or perhaps it was all the smoke, loud music and liquor. "No this is my cousin Cadence, remember I told you about her, yeah, said you call her Caddy or something for short, yes, exactly. We should double date or something, it was nice to meet you, yeah you as well, thanks Cad, right, you be careful, yeah, see ya. That was very considerate of you, well Mike is my cousin although we were raised more like siblings, so he’s more of a big, little brother. This place is becoming a mad house, let’s just go and I’ll talk to Mel later, whatever you think is best, you’re going to be really good for me aren’t you, yes Cadence, Caddy, I think I am."

... Just As Soon A Sunup Bring On Its Heel An Even More Drooling After Dark Than Lonesomeness....
Scene III

-"What do you Cadence think about children, about bringing them into a world gone horribly wrong? I try Vince not to think about it, not in that way," with them both sitting relaxed back, hand in hand listening to his car stereo was the scene, looking down upon a multi-color lit valley indeed lovely. “I think of children as being a part of marriage and intercourse, that if you’re to marry then chances are you’re to bring new life into the world, believe me Vince the supreme know full well what to do with them. Such the expert answer, this is an astonishing view by the way, so when was the last time you parked here? My god Vincent was I so expecting that question, it was a few months ago. I was on a double date, blind date, double trouble if you ask me with Mike and his latest, anyway it was such the flop. Was it really or was it you being such the Miss goody-too-shoes? Ok I’ll admit I’m choosy about the guy I’m to, marry … my word did you see that, how we’re to lay our heads one into the other simultaneously? Yeah I saw that, we should Cadence probably find a chapel tonight. Ah now that’s out of the ball-park cute, by the way you smell so incredible, and she read minds too, what you think I smell good? No," sitting upright did he find himself this tantalizingly mesmerized into his very blood stirring at her enticing perfume. "I think you smell incredibly tempting and I mean how to contain myself incredible. So tell me more about Vincent Maurice,” as one responding likewise to her playing and plaiting her lovely fingers into his, were they simply unspeakable together. “Well I thought I was gay, thought I had to be up until a few months ago, although I’m Cadence finding my way out, this is me, being here with you finding my way out. I’m happy for you, you’re not just to see the Supremes’ divine light acting as a lamp to your path, but you’re to come into it, that’s the first step, huge Vince, step. Yes I know there are strong forces trying to pull you back but greater is the light of righteousness anchoring your path, than these dark influences. Then Caddy I’m to say flesh and blood did not reveal that to you, right? Right, for sure, is that, that’s a shooting star! Yeap, we get a lot of those up here, wow that was incredible, you make a wish, yes,” inhaling, exhaling deep at wrapping her arms tightly into his along a head to his soothing shoulder was Vincent Maurice, if only for this one night, already Cadence Nicole’s dream, wish and heart desire come true.

...How To Spend This Great Imperilment I Beseech Thee, This Dismal Archenemy And My Sole Heart Its Sitting Duck?...
Scene IV

-"Look I know I’m probably the last person you want to see, why is that Vince? If we’re anything we’re still friends right, civilized at that? Just sit, calm down and tell me what’s bugging you, Cadence and I Phearce went out the other night," standing instead against the kitchen sink, arms fold, legs crossed was he as his now close friend Phearson McPhearceson such the stunner gentleman. "You and Cadence Coledalay? Wow Vince, wow! Yeah, exactly wow, that’s how the entire night was, this wow beyond description event, only Phearce I haven’t been able to reach her since, you know, I been, what are you saying? I’m saying it’s as though it was all a dream, Cadence Nicole did exist right, she wasn’t simply a figment of my imagination? Ok now Vince you’re freaking me out here, of course she exist, tall, stunning, model perfect, yeah so extremely sexual, I hadn’t thought of that before Vince but yes. I Keep telling myself maybe I said too much, maybe she changed her mind, or was simply leading me on all the time, you know. Vince," laying comforting hands to each of his broad shoulders how as long as he’s to know him and love him had he not seen him this frazzled, dazzled about anything other than his work. "You have got to calm down, there has to be a logical explanation, there’s just has to be. Look you wasn’t there ok, it was literally Phearce not of this planet, we were that extraordinary together, just, actually beyond perfect. Ok so you tried to reach her, what happen? Nothing, her communicator just ring and take messages upon which I’ve possibly left a thousand. So you go to her place, you know where she live right? I know where her files say she live but I’m terrified all the more Phearce I’m to discover this was all again a fabrication, that’s all. Did you Vince go out with her or not? Because Cadence Nicole is real, she’s as real as you and I, now did you and she have this date or were you dreaming? Ok, I’ll go to her place, good, that’s a very good start, you’re not talking to me like I’m an imbecile right? I know I am, but still you’re not doing that right Phearce? You know how very upset you’re to make me whenever you do that, go Vince, find her and when you do call me and let me know it’s a small world after all. What? You see that’s exactly what I’m talking about, just don’t do that, ok, I won’t, I’m not." With a charming as this Phearson McPhearson pushing him right out the door, did an alarm as this Vincent Maurice not want to do this alone to the point he wanted to bring his friend right with him. "Ok, ok I’m going, you don’t have to put me out, if I’m delusional I’m pretty sure Phearce it’s not contagious. I’ll call you, good Vince and good day, I love you, yeah Phearce me too, you sure you don’t wanna come with me? Ah Vince I’m really sure, you can do this, you‘re a big boy, ok, all right, your lovely wife is waiting on you, I get it, hello Regan, hello Vince, goodbye Regan, yeah Vince, you too."

...Although This Night Judiciously Contiguous And Adjacent To Impending Regions.…
Scene V

-"I apologize for arriving so unannounced but I’m to understand a Cadence, Nicole, Caddy isn’t seeing anyone, if you will leave a message I will be more, no! Not to be rude madam but I’ve left a million messages, Caddy and I went out the other night and I haven’t seen or heard, so you’re Vince, the guy from her job? Yes, yes ma’am I am, please," instead moving aside to his entry at leading him into the foyer did Aunt Mattie know how Cadence Nicole really trusted this one. "Come in, are you her mother? No I’m her aunt Mattie, it probably Vince happen the same night you two went out, a really bad car accident, "excuse me?" Obviously spiraling his nerves along dramatics unexplainable was she about to tell him Cadence was hurt, even dead? "She and Mel was so close," as one easing worriedly, even mysteriously into a seat at bringing him down right along did Vincent now know why he’d not heard from her as she’d met with some accident. “I tell you Vince she broke down in ways, I mean she’s been sedated every since, sedated, you mean she isn’t dead? Ah nall, thank god, but her friend Mel is, as so her cousin’s fiancé, his, Mike’s condition was just upgraded to serious, although he’ll probably never walk again. He was driving, driving drunk they say, chances are if Caddy hadn’t left the party with you, well you know, so where is she, where’s Cadence? She’s upstairs, they released her today, they thought they would have to keep her another night, she took it that hard, that’s why I’m, well, can I see her?" Setting curious eyes again up the staircase at coming into a stand, all Vincent wanted to do at this point was see her, perhaps even speak to her. "Well, she’s not to have, I don’t know she’s so close to you, I won’t be long, I guess you can see if she’ll talk to you," as one arriving, pausing long at the end of the stairs at him speeding up, getting directly to her, “it’s the third room on the right, just beyond the hall bath, he is something cute alright and so caring, it’s easy to see why Caddy is so impressed by him"

... Another Half Sown Apart And Away From Me By An Inevitable Yet Unyielding Loathing, Where Art Thou Immortal Life, Love? …
Scene VI

-"So how is Mike? You mean for someone that should be dead? I thought only the Supreme Caddy held that power in his hand. And what purpose Vince would the supreme have at taking Mel this way, huh? My god why did you bring me here, better yet why did I come? Ours Caddy is a curse of death which ensnare us in a net when we least suspect it, and Mike’s driving drunk was the net, is that it? I’m not the same person Vince I was that night, I don’t know if I can ever be again, you should possibly get far, far and away from me. I don’t believe that, if I did I wouldn’t have found you this day, I would’ve left you to your ghost. Various trials Cadence cause us to response in ways we’re not always privileged, that our families and friends are not always privileged. I know I should go and see him, hold his hand or something as he ask for me often, but I’m so bitter I could tear his impaired hands right from his arms completely. My best friend Phearce has asked me to the African Juttah with him and his newest wife Regan Central will you come with us? Isn’t that something of a proposal, to marriage that is? Is it? I’d not for the life of me Caddy considered it, I simply want to get you away and the African Juttah I’m told is too phenomena for mere words. And you would actually take me?" Witnessed as one swabbing both of her cheeks simultaneously at being this emotional did she tear out the car door to escape into the fields yonder, into a too awesome for words sunset. "Do you run because you agree or disagree? Caddy! Do not come after me," hearing he’s to remove himself from the auto as well, rustled through the tall weeds, that he’s to come after her directly, persuade her, "please, not just yet, please, just let me think, consider such the offer. This is not a proposal, I know, you proposed the first night we’re to sit at, how can you be so sure? I’m not sure, I simply know if you Cadence marry me I‘ll treasure you until death itself part us. Some weeds can be so beautiful can’t they?" As one dancing and frilling through the tall brush perhaps there were snakes, even scorpions and even more of those nets Vincent spoke of simply waiting to ambush the innocent at heart. "Will this be your first time going, the African Juttah I mean? Yes, it’ll be a first for us all, so are you coming? I must see him, Mike, although I don’t want to, of course you must see him, you love him like a brother, there is no greater love. I had a dream of Mel the other night, in the dream everything I treasured had been scattered abroad by this major storm. I was dead and Mel, my mother and others of my deceased family had come for me, Mel asked me what was I going to do once I got there and I happily threw my head back and flung my arms toward the heavens and I said sing. I can sing a little, I believe you, I also believe we best get to the hospital before visiting hours are over, we, you mean you’ll come with me? For as long as you my Lord desire, then you’re right, we best go while the hour is right. Could I meet them, these marvelous friends of yours? Regan Central, and, well Phearce you know, no not formally and if we’re going half way around the world together, yes I see what you mean."

...When Art Thou?...
Scene VII

-"The mystery is resolved I see, not hardly," welcoming a hot cup at easing into a clearing at seeing Cadence and Regan possibly dabbling in girl talk were the nights getting more and more cool as winter and spring aggressively opposed each other. "Far from it I’m afraid, we just left the hospital visiting her cousin who was in a deadly accident that very night. My god Vince, deadly? Yes, one claiming his fiancé and Cadence’s best friend for all time Melrose, when I did discover her Phearce at home she’d locked herself away vowing to never come out. That’s horrible, really, yeah I want to thank you for letting us visit on such short notice, ah believe me we can definitely use the company. So how is she, how is Regan? I wish I knew," as one all the more privatizing their conversation at parking his worried self a back against the sink to him. Phearce McPhearson was yet reeling over the grave conversation he and Regan had recently, of course Regan was still there, but he yet felt she didn’t trust him, didn’t trust the relationship, but how could she, after Herenton Egan? “I mean I can hardly Vince put into words what she mean to me, I, I, don’t know what’s happening and how so fast you know. Yes, that’s the thing Phearce I do know, how is this happening? Right now as we speak I’m contemplating how I’m to say good bye or goodnight to Cadence, the main reason I’m here is because I just wasn’t ready to take her home. I don’t think I will ever be, what in heaven’s name is happening to me, to us? Something Vince not of this planet I assure you, something no doubt heavenly, but why us? And what caused Regan Central first correspondence? And what’s more frightening if she’d not written, how would I have ever found her, my Vince very soul mate? Hey you guys gonna spend the night in there? It’s tempting, this soup is that good, but, no hun we’ll be right out. I asked Cadence to come to the African Juttah with us," as one shaking a tickle of himself into a sip of his cup at saying, at admitting, where these things unimaginable only a few months ago, things this miraculous. "How insane is that? She took it Phearce as a proposal to marriage, was it? I don’t know, perhaps, I think so, even hope so, is this even real? Don’t," as one shaking an unfriendly finger Vincent’s way were they not, not going down that forked road additionally. "I think I changed my mind," rubbing chilled arms at coming into the kitchen, into the stove, along a glance into the soup pot, seeing there was just enough for her. "I think I will have some soup, any crackers? Every kind you can think of I assure you, Regan like her crackers, help yourself and I’ll see you two kids in the front. Ah I hope it taste as good as it smell, it does I assure you, they’re really nice, sort of sad, in a misery like company sort of way, but really darling. Well I think you’re really darling," that out of a peck to her cheek at looking around the kitchen for a tray, at helping herself, what a phenomenon it all was, Phearce married and he not that far from it, or so he hoped. "The answer is yes, yes I’ll come to the Juttah with, ump," spilling her mouth slightly, happily, at being her most tickled was the hot dish as awesome as she’d expected. "So did Phearce tell you, we’re expecting, expecting what? I’m sorry, Rig is pregnant, my god how soon is, ah, wow, well, yeah congrats, thanks. Cadence has agreed to come with us, to the Juttah and all, well I think I’m going to like that, going alone with these two nod heads wasn’t encouraging. I think I hear the kitchen dishes calling me, can I help?" Sure, please, we can discuss plans for our once in a lifetime trip. Pregnant?" As one easing into a seat alongside of a far off Phearson was it evident they were discussing a pregnancy by rape, by the deranged fiancé. "Not now ok Vince, plus it’s to be exactly what Regan Central want, that you’re to talk me out of this uneasy situation, I want to do something meaningful with my life for now on, I not only Vince want this, I need it. And there’s no way it’s yours? Rig and I have never been intimate, possibly won’t be until the baby is born. Hey I say if it’s what you want, then for sure go for it, it is and I am, going for it, that’s why I’m here, why she’s here."

...We're Discovered Tend Toward Our Cognition,...
Scene VIII

-"How will I Celeste ever get those images out of my head? Ah god Rome baby I don’t know, and Rig, it’s as though she blame me for finding her like that, it’s not that, it can’t be, no, what Rig is to endure is completely impossible, I shutter to think where she would be if she didn’t have Phearce, and just how is that? I mean how will Rig ever explain how she’s to have a husband so soon after her fiancée violently attacked and raped her, I’m her best friend Celeste in all the world and I don’t understand it. I know, I know, love at first sight I guess, or if one is to believe in miracles, all those people are going to believe is how convenient it all is for them both, that it was all premeditated somehow. I’ve been in the presence of their accusations and if I’d not had alibys I would accused of manslaughter, rape and attempted murder, no doubt Celeste, no doubt and I’m telling you Rigs defense team her brothers or not are wondering how they too are going to explain Phearce McPhearson. You remember the scripture, the story of Joseph, how the Holy Spirit had to convince him the child Mother Mary carried was of the Holy Spirit or he was going to put her away, this Rome is why I said, perhaps the only way to understand what this man has become to her and for her, is to be look upon as miraculous. I say you pray, what are, about those images you said you can’t out, pray that the Holy Spirit help you with that, ‘remember, I will keep him in perfect, whose mind is stayed upon me, God, or something like that.” >>>”Regan told me everything while we were in that kitchen, how her fiancé raped her, beat her within itches of her life and how he slipped up in the shower killing himself. I felt kind of guilty that she trusted me, a stranger with such things, so I figure she just really needed to talk. She said she doesn’t know what’s worse, her fiancé attacking her and dying like that, or her best friend Roman Neal finding her like that. That she haven’t been able to face him, doesn’t know if she will, of course she will, time Cadence will find a way, it always does. So I’ll see you tomorrow, no, I’ll be with Mel all day tomorrow and then I think I’ll take a prayer group to the hospital and get Mike healed and on his feet again. I guess this is goodnight then, yeah goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let your dreams and nightmares Vince bite. So should I walk you to the door? No, I think I’ll sit out for a while, think on some things, that’s really special of you, believing, trusting and interceding for Mike’s healing like that. I still can’t believe she’s dead, do you know how many times I was reminded to call her today only to realize repeatedly she’s gone? I been imaging how she's to look tomorrow in that casket, how will her hair be, what kind of outfit, her make up? Well you know that won't be her, you know that right? It's the temporal house she was in and that’s all, Melrose could actually be more present with you now than she was alive, no more bondage, as she's now a free spirit. I know Caddy if I'm a believer of such things how, well, would you believe I've been around believers all my life? Choosing a homophile lifestyle didn't have anything to do with my belief or like thereof in god, but that I'm to honor and obey my will above god's will, you know the flesh want what the flesh want. You want to know what got me, I was reading the Paris Globe, this guy name Sioux Noel Deburk who asked the question if there is no God who created the concept of righteousness, forgiveness and love? How from the first man, marriage, Adam and Eve we learn how vulnerable we are, how self-serving, even corruptible. That Vince from the first siblings, Cain and Abel we see how monstrous we are, how we're lying, murdering, saboteurs. Thus cursed mankind without divine intervention is totally incapable of charting a course for godliness, as so there's no way it's to come from Satan whose the very epitome of evil, or demonic forces, who're despitefully cunning, as so wicked continuously. Hence the inquiry if there is no God who inaugurated the concept, who introduced the philosophy of righteousness? In others words no man, no hands of man, no manpower, it's impossible that it's to come from anything other than the paranormal quite divine. I guess you're right, man can choose to do good all his days, but that good isn't righteous, as within his heart, from within his heart he's potentially wicked. I had not known sin, unless the scripture had declared, thou shalt not covet, I think Paul said that. This Vince is a terrible place, just listening to Regan tonight, about her once exceptional intended, as so imaging that a person as special as Melrose is gone, taken so suddenly. How mankind daily are nothing but brute beast continually, man slaughters, could a place like the African Juttah really exist, would it? I mean whose truly worthy? According to the Holy Scriptures all those who love the Supremes Christ, and look to His reappearing. Suppose we get there, this Juttah and it's impossible that we're to return, I mean how can you go to such a place, this ultimate, god made, paradise on earth and come back to hell on earth? I best go, I have this impossible day tomorrow, I could be there you know, meet you, you don't have to do this alone. That Vince is so tempting, but I want to do this alone, I think I need to, I love having you around, in my corner so to speak but I don't want to lose me, does that make sense? Yes, sure it does, then I'll see you when I see you, yes, I like that, I’ll see you when I see you."

...We're Blasted With Shamefacedness And Yes Leaning There Where We Will Not...
Scene IX

"{{{Hello, hello Rome? Who, how you think? Did you, where you think I, we plan this for, for, you what? I can hardly hear you,” sounding as though there was loud partying going on had she and fiancée Roman Neal planned to meet at the Jewelers that evening with him nowhere to be found. Is that, are you at a party? Yeah, Jayce, remember him, I ran across, hello, Rome, ah my god, sorry honey it felled, look I’ll see you when I’m, you’ll, did you forget? Can you hear me? Did you forget, the jewelers, ah nall, is, was that today? Yes, right now, ah god, I’m at least, well I’m hours away, hours? Like five or more, I’m sorry baby I completely forgot, I’ll leave as soon as possible, get there just, never mind, by the time you get here they’ll be closed, did you really forget or is this your way of stalling it all? I wouldn’t, hello, hello,” hearing how he’s to burst into laughter at the background getting all the more loud, Rome, hello, Rome! My Christ,’ as one ending the call did a single tear design her cheeks, he nose, unto her lip at her being this disappointed at him, this simply wasn’t like Roman Neal, not at all. {{{Hey did you find him?” He’s at a party, miles away he say, said he forgot, you and I both know Rome Rig, Rome don’t forget, something has changed in him, you mean finding me like that? Not just that Rig, I think it has to do with him dealing with how horribly Herenton performed himself that night, I think Rig we forget how close they were. I think he’s really struggling with the fact his best friend attacked you, and you know, did what he and lost his life doing so, meaning Rig that one thing we don’t want to say, that he’s lost forever, well that his soul is. I’m coming there, Rig? I’m coming, you’re right, I’d, I’d not considered none of what you just said, the questions Celeste he must have, I’ll call you when I’m on my way, you won’t come alone? No, I’ll get Phearce to escort me, I’ll see you both soon. >>> For a while there I didn't think you were coming down," thinking Cadence Nicole didn't look good, how she appeared in all places disorganized, of course coming off of her best friend funeral, what else could be expected? "So how are you? I hope you don't, they cremated her," moving this sorrowful, even near to weeping sort along a curtain pinned to let in a bright sunny day. "Can you freaking believe that? It wasn't a traditional funeral at all, they had her in some fancy Vase, how they were going to fly her over some local lake and dump her accordingly. She didn't like the water even I knew that," as one setting these astonishing near to tears eyes his directive, speaking of time and how this horror is to past in all likeness would it indeed hurry? "And she didn't like cremation, or so she said, the last time I saw her was actually the last time I would see her. I know my being a believer and all, knowing then man-kind’s true actuality is his coming from the womb and heading straight to a burial plot. I know how he's to by his unfailing faith and belief persuade as many to Christ’s Kingdom coming as possible, as many souls that is, as he’s a curse, ministration and pathway continuously leading to death and after that the judgment. You think Vince we ever stop to think about how serious all this is? How if there's no divine redemption mankind is beyond doom as they're so interwoven and rooted into an astounding imagery that can never, ever be authentic, life-sustaining or humane despite how extravagant they all are? Tell me," as one instead coming into a seat to him, into a calm place along this amazing, quite impressive study, a model caliber, Cadence Nicole was styling artist features, with bronze flawless skin who stood about 5’7. Having an expert figure, with brown eyes donned by the most attractive long lashes and silken, ebony brown, shoulder length hair, in two words she was adorably electrifying. "How much do you really know about this African Juttah, and what is this about a Septennial, what is that to mean? I can only Caddy admit I know very little, only what Phearce has described to me, how it's an extension of grace, one awarded heaven bond, by the Supreme's Christ marriage worshipers in the land of mankind. A beyond imagination paradise on earth fashioned only for the redeemed and safeguarded so by actual grim-reapers which will punish evildoers instantly. "Grim reapers? Well reapers they're called, although some are to think they're similar to the cherubim’s left to guard Eden once the first Adam was banned. "It sound so heavenly yet at the same time so intimidating, in a mysterious way that is. So if I need to know more I need to ask Phearce? Well it would seem this Juttah is on some divine time table, how it has to be reached, occupied by believers before this supposedly Septennial or they're to be left behind to the proposed for the Ancients man of prediction. You mean this anti-Christ person? It all sound like someone's vivid imagination to me, perhaps, but the African Juttah is real enough, as so the reapers, there are reports of people being carried off, being found on that cursed hill intertwined so entirely, even dead. How is your prayer life? Excuse me, I have yet to get a prayer group together for Mike, how deep is your belief in spiritual things? I believe in miracles is that what you're asking, yes, but do you believe only the Supreme in heaven is to grant them? Of course, man can on his own do nothing but fail, ahhh, one down and let’s hope a few more to go, you smell amazing by the way, as my lady do you, as always. What would you say Caddy if I told you I've always like the ideal of being cremated, how the thought of worms and insects having at my carcass despite how worthless it is isn't to set well with me. We do tend to get attach don't we, being so wonderfully made, how it was one of the promises the supreme made of the Christ, how his body wouldn't see corruption. I know Melrose family did what they thought was best, it's just that I'd planned so entirely, intently for one concept of saying goodbye to her and, well you know. You remember when the sisters of Lazarus, Mary and Martha thought their brother was gone, how they didn't know why Jesus had delayed for so long. They didn't know Caddy this Jesus was the resurrection of mankind, how he was life eternal, how though you're dead in him, yet shall you live. I remember he asked them did they believe their brother would live again, and they said yes, in the resurrection, and there he was Caddy, the first ever to walk upon the earth resurrection of the dead. You’ll see Melrose again, you're not to look for her in the soil, nor in the sea, but reigning with her Lord, as so promised the believer, I mean like you she's a believer right? Yes, of course, there wasn't many of us, and we're more hated than appreciated but we were all believers. Thank you, you darling, darling man you,” as one bringing them into a pause all to pleasure him, was Cadence Nicole so very impressed beyond words of this one, so very mystified indeed. “What a phenomenon awareness, of blessed hope, wow, how brilliant you are, believe me when I tell you, flesh and blood did not reveal such things to me, to us, that was revelation knowledge, that was holy and spirit. You mean like the African Juttah no doubt? Yes, like the African Juttah, no doubt."

…Or It's Perhaps Cannot, We're Incapable Of Realizing The Heart Of Man, His Kind…
Scene X

-"I know Apache what you told me, how it’s all make believe but people are beginning to ask many questions, especially about this proposed Septennial. This is insane, you and I both know Sioux the closest these people will get to a true African Juttah is by way of the great gathering of saints, that for seven years the first resurrected saints will be suspended into a divine furlough. Herein knowing this and believing this one day I simply decided to call this little suspension The Septennial, it sound good. I never knew what it actually meant, none of it, I only just suppose Sioux you know that, I only just suppose. Well what If I told you this Juttah of yours have an heir, a Preece Ebonee Be’le, African bred and born and a following of young marriage worshippers inconceivable? They have this astonishing concept of your Juttah, that perhaps this seven year get away with Jesus Christ will or could be spent in an undisclosed area on this planet, between the original Garden of Eden and Heaven, an archetype heaven on earth. Now what is this Septennial, what does it mean, is it even a word? Of course Sioux it’s a word," as one moving important articles that brother Sioux is to make himself comfortable "it’s a biblical word, that's how I choose most of these words, from a biblical dictionary, but never Sioux for their meaning, for their sound and what that sound implicated. How is all of this possible? These things are only the imagination of my head, I created an African heir, this proposed deliverer to one day rule this nation and the world simply because it was something other than white man continuous rule and colonization of this planet, I understand that, still the word Septennial, what does it mean? I’m telling you you’re not going to believe me, it’s literally hair-raising that I knew nothing of its meaning prior, please, just flatter me. A Septennial is something that’s to happen every seven years or in sequences of the number seven, it goes back to the Jewish Shmita cycle, the Hebrew word Shmita Sioux is translated as Sabbatical, the Sabbatical cycle is a cycle of seven years, which HaSham commanded His people to observe, Hasham? It’s another name given god as not to take the Supreme’s original name in vain. It again goes back to the synagogue, the Torah, how the Torah is read twice in seven years. It is referred to, this seven year Torah cycle as the Septennial. I mean we’ve never Sioux thought of the great gathering, that’s to last for seven years as a form of sabbath but there you go. So when you indicate how believers, marriage worshippers of the Christ best arrive in the Juttah before the Septennial you’re saying before this final seven year shmita? Yeah," as one moving off unconvincingly at flopping into a seat, could Apache Arrow not believe he was being drilled this way, not about his more than ten year old fictional work, the African Juttah. "If that’s what you want to make of it, that’s amazing, I know, how can something I made up out of the imagination of my mine come true? It can’t, not Apache without divine intervention. Yeah but It’s all crazy, why, why is it? Come on Sioux, a type of Moses, a world-wide exodus, it won’t be the first time the Supreme has done something astronomically unbelievable with purpose to protect. To Apache safeguard not just a remnant of mankind, but his eternal will thereunto, yes like a Moses, a Noah, an Abraham and Lot, all indicative of that voice crying aloud, see thou hurt not the oil and the wine, all so His will wouldn’t be thwarted. When the Christ use parables, storytelling, to teach and unveil spiritual things, because said things are foolishness to those who don’t believe. Suppose Apache it was with purpose to all the more unveil the very character of Supreme Gods visible upon this planet now for the ancient? What is it? I can see your wild imagination brewing? I just wonder how much of your fictional material Apache is born from multiple prophetic and revelational dreams and visions pregnant with a glorious fulfillment that just couldn’t wait? How it all wasn’t just you supposing, but what supreme spirits had confirmed as unthinkable realities pending all looking through a mirror darkly. I’m reminded Apache of these dreams I had some ten or so years ago, one was my being taken by Holy Spirits on this journey, this long excursion along the identical path Moses and the Israelite took into Canaan land, and the other, well in the alternate dream I was approached by one who said to me, he want to see you and I said who, and he said him, when suddenly I saw an image, an elaborate figure with brightness in likeness to the sun move from behind a mountain yet it spoke, it spoke Apache and said, let my people go. Come on why would the Supreme bother with a world-wide exodus when all He’s to do is ascend into the heaven and call the redeemed up to Him? He's going to do that, just as He promised but who’s to say Apache how once the church bride is glorified, the marriage supper and all, that this unthinkable blessed hope won't be spent in the Garden of Eden allowing this redeemer. Remember many people Apache when present-day systems, Babel is smite suddenly killing and scattering many, what will happen to millions of refugees, not only in Europe, Africa, England but the Americas? All I’m hearing Sioux is somebody here has been deceived and I don’t think it’s the supreme, no, remember when the Christ told the disciples how there was much still he was to tell them but they couldn’t bear it, perhaps the Supreme spirit gave you in very fragmented details of revelational intelligence what the next and final, heaven induced era of mankind was to be like because they knew Apache straight-out you couldn’t bear it. A world exodus and this Preece Ebonee Be’le is a present day deliverer, meaning Apache (Preece, Black Beauty) yes, sort of, but not Apache he himself alone, not by far." <<<"I still can’t believe it Vince, your father is the world renown minister/evangelist Paylor, you know we recognize him as our spiritual teacher, and mentor, yes I see it on your face, despite all the controversy, he’s such a spiritual giant. I just can’t believe it, wait until I tell the others, I mean you don’t mind if I tell the others right? Of course not, it’s not a secret I just don’t wear it like a banner on, and you have how many siblings? There’s eight of us in all, one died in child birth so seven, four boys and three girls, I take it you don’t see them that much? No, but soon I figure. Which remind me," as one easing a play of his hand into her lap did Cadence Nicole upon exiting the auto have a bit of concerning news. "I’m going to be away for a few days, a couple weeks actually, Washington State, I don’t understand, Jason, my on again, off again fiancé has asked that I come, that we spend some time together, talk, see if we can resolve our differences. I know I should’ve told you something sooner," as one readying the door that she’s to make an exit although Vincent didn’t know her that well did this not seem like her. "But everything happen so fast, so, no Caddy, it was naïve of me to think there wasn’t a special someone in your life, I mean you’re perfect. Yeah but I didn’t mean to lead you on or any, you didn’t, you’ve been the perfect lady, friend, I kind of lead myself on, does this mean you won’t be accompanying us, me to New Africa? It’s difficult that I’m to know at this point, you don’t strike me Caddy as one whose to be undecided about things so personal, even so permanent, I’m not usually, which is why I think I need this time. "No," that he’s to open his door, get out as well, see her to the house "I’ll be fine, I’ll call you as soon as I’m back in town, if that’s ok? Sure, of course, then I’ll talk to you then, yes, you be safe, yeah you, too. By the way I like what you've done with your hair, thanks, it was my barber's ideal, she thought it accent my eyes more, it does, you are Vince even more drop dead gorgeous, if that's possible, see you when I see you, yeah Caddy, see you when, I, see you.” ...However Beloved Who Is To Care?..
Scene XI

-"The Door is for you, for me?" As one stressed into that reality, sitting, sipping his glass, standing, showing himself highly bothered , “who would be at your door looking for me? You could Vince go and see, ah, yeah," arriving in the dayroom just in time to see a visiting Cadence Nicole checking out Phearce's various art work. “Cadence, I hope you don't mine that I just stopped by, when you wasn't home, I assumed you was here. Wow, he has some great paintings don't he? I thought you were, I know out of town, I was, I only just return last night. Jay, short for Jason went out of our abstinence bearing relationship so he could, well, experiment with other females. Come to think of it, " as one shrinking down away at displaying three fingers, at demonstrating what was tearing her apart, she wasn't well and that was apparent. “This is the third time and I just keep falling for it, I just keep the faith, the trust that we can do this you know? Are you alright? Alright!" Visibly emotional at showing a more vulnerable side than that displayed of her best friend death and cremation, "haven't you heard anything? I heard everything, you're right, can we go somewhere, meaning can I pull you away from this to a cafe nearby, is that ok? Yes, sure, just let me tell my friends I won't be staying for dinner after all. Hey Phearce man I'm gonna go," finding him finishing up steaks at this seeming industrious size grill, a stunning, beginning to show Regan Central with him. "Well Cadence is welcome to stay as well, we have more, no, she's not well, thanks and everything but she want to go somewhere private and talk, so I'll just take a rein check, thanks man, Rig, yeah, you guys be safe. That's strange, he told me she was in Washington State with her Fiancé for the next two weeks, her fiancé? Yeah Rig exactly. You look very beautiful by the way, thank you, so do you look just as handsome, hey! ”That by his stout chin was she turning a curious as this Phearce eye to her eye, “he's going to work this out, he's really wise about such things, you told me that remember? Yes, I do remember something like that.” <<<"Was that really ok, pulling you from your friends like that? You said you wanted to talk, so talk, you're crossed at me, I can hear it in your voice, I'm Caddy crossed at myself, how could I not realize you were involved intimately with someone? That’s the last thing Jay and I have been is intimate, that seem to be the problem, you're to abstain, you're to preserve yourself for marriage and you're hanging out with a man who used to be tangled into the worse form of fornication ever. Do you miss it, do you miss him, is that why you hang around him so much? I hang around Pierce so much Caddy because he's my friend, and no, now that I know the truth I don't miss it, it wasn't such the glorious lifestyle, it was very thwarting actually. What about you, why are you yet putting your fate in a guy who has proven himself unfaithful not once, twice but three times, what's that about really? Jay is my high school sweetheart, actually he’s someone I've known and loved, since the 7th grade. He wasn't like this at first, once he started college he simply became a whole different person, yes I've heard college life can do that, all the parties, orgies, drugs and liquor. That is why I keep trying to get him to leave that place, trying to convince him how terrible it has made him. Although he only want to hear one thing from me, that I'm ready to seal our relationship by sleeping with him. He's lost I know, like so many others, but I keep persuading myself, keep trying to persuade him. So you left early so you wouldn't be tempted? Yes I guess,” as one sweeping both cheeks simultaneously she didn't know what was happening or if Vincent would ever trust her again. "And because I couldn't Vince stop thinking about you, I can't explain it," again sweeping under both eyes, was a kind, honored Vincent handing her tissues for wiping. "I can't explain it, I zoomed back hoping I'd in no way jeopardized what we had, have I?" Taking his strong hand into her soft midsection at petitioning him whether his astonishing feelings toward her changed at all? "I still think you are an incredible woman, I'm looking to make changes and I think only you Cadence is capable of such a relationship, ah I love it when you talk dirty to me. Look I am starving, I pulled you away from dinner, come to my place and let me fix you something, I'm a pretty good cook, yeah me too, great, then we're prepare something together. Your place?" Springing to his feet did it seem as though Cadence Nicole was speaking of a place other than her aunt, which was the only place he knew about. "Yes, my place, Mel and I were roommates, I didn't get to tell you that did I, which remind me, I got to go and see Mike, like you, he wasn't too happy with the prospect of me being gone for some two weeks. Like me? Yes I can still see the melancholic look you had on your face, well announcing fiancé’s seem to do that to me, as it would Cadence to you, to anyone. You do know you haven't seen the last of him, I know he'll try, that whatever he's to say will all be lies, that in some cases I'll be tempted, but never have I loved or trusted another. So he's in for the greatest disappointment of his life, you said love,” halting them both in their tracks at getting an eye to eye glance at her, to make sure she'd said right, that he'd heard right. "Do you know what saying that to me, to any person of interest mean? I think I know," coming a darling whisper into his ear, did they not realize it but they were standing right in the cafe's exit, with a patient line developing behind them. "It mean I want to make changes in my life, serious changes, and I want you Vince to be a part of those changes." Ah god,” as one getting them both to the side, was a riveting to his blood, he didn't know how he’s to keep his hands off of her any longer Cadence Nicole, word for word quoting him, "we have a line behind us, ah god, sorry about that, thanks for your patience!" ... Capable Instead Are We At Comprehending The Heart Of The Supreme, …
Scene XII

-“You still crossed at me? You must be, you look like you’ve seen a ghost, we have company, that’s convenient seeing I’ve cleaned up the whole plan to make amends, it’s Rig, and Phearce, what?” Seeing that out of a surreal look his eyes are to immediately fill with his tears at him literally as though he’s to find another exit to run away other than face her. “Please tell me you’re kidding, no, I’m not,” as one wiping her own spilling self, god help, god please god, did they know this would be impossible for them both, at them simultaneously grabbing themselves into a stand still hug, I, I can’t, I do, you, this, you know I, yes,” a fabulous black man as he, standing about 6.1, flawless was a muscular, now crying, now refusing Roman Neal break downing into a seat upon their bed, “I know I can’t face her, I know, but you’re going have to, you hear me darling man of mine, you’re going to have to, please Celeste don’t make me do this, I’ll do anything but this, the window, will you pray with me?” What, pray with you? Yes, as this patient one bringing a crying, horrified Roman Neal by his hand down to the floor, to his knees with her would they ask the Holy Ones to do through them what it was apparent they couldn’t do. >Thanks for coming with me, don’t do that, we’re one now Rig, one heart, mind and soul, prick you, I bleed, I promise, I bleed, I’m so nervous, ingesting a thorny with emotions throat emotion, did new tears spin themselves along carelessly, ah god what was I thinking, you know sweetheart what you was thinking,” as this darling, even daring one kneeling to her, clasping her shivering hands into his own, this his immortal love, at brushing a wayward strand away, “about something other than yourself, this precious, precious friend.” >>>”I Better go," yarning hard, long into a seat had they apparently fallen asleep in one the others arms, something especially Vincent did not intend. "What time is that?" Trying to see a digital clock through sleep ridden eyes, if correct in his assessment they'd been asleep for a while. "Two thirty, you're seeing right, you may as well stay, no, I can't do that, Mel's room is free, that's all I was suggesting. "No, even so, I can't," getting himself hurriedly to the door, did Vincent not want to get himself into something he nor she intended, plus with the recent breaking news he didn't know whether he would yet pursue her. "You're sure about this?" Having come to that door with him did Cadence Nicole truly want him to stay as she'd grown very fun of him, that she possibly loved him. "I kinda told Bree I would come over and I don't want, Bree? My youngest brother Ambrey, he and his girlfriend got something going on, they, ok only it's like three in the morning. I can't do this ok," visibly swabbing tears from under each eye, even plucking one from his chin, did she have him in all ways and sentiments spent, additionally in a, he was having a hard time keeping his hands off sort of way. "My god what, I'm working so hard Cadence trying to keep, keep, I mean your mouth, lips, alone, god this is so embarrassing." It was true she'd not stayed in the upscale apartment since Melrose's death, that she'd been somewhat afraid too. "You don't have to be ashamed," as one taking his hand into a passionate toss of his flawless mane, was Cadence Nicole firing in or of places she'd kept secret. "You think I don't imagine you? Being Vince with you, in your arms, breast with you, where we're to hold one the other so tight, so permanently we're this one in amazing orgasms. I got to, to go," jerking his hand from her grasp like so as those words, the imagination of her heart's fierce confessions stirred him in already at limits, quite sordid places. "Ah god what is happening to me, what are you doing to me? I'm gonna go to Bree’s and I'll call you later, I really wish you would stay, you could take a cold shower, or I could, I think Cadence I'm in love with you, with that I think I want to spend the rest of my life with you, I don't want to, to mess this up. Ah god you're so incredibly inviting, I can't tell you how hard this is, but I'm gone, and we'll talk later, ok.” <<<"Ah god you scared the living hell out of me!" Sitting straight up in his bed aside him at waking him up, appearing to him in his manner did he literally startle his little brother to death. "Who are you?" It's me Vince, you got something to drink in this place, how did you get in here? Ah," displaying what could be only a hid a key, was he as well setting drowsy eyes into a clock trying to see the time. "Did you forget I told you I was coming by, at three in the morning? By the way you missed a really righteous bachelor party, bachelor party?" As one sitting again into bed with him did he have a beer to his lips which to Ambrey was strange, seeing his big brother didn't usually drink. "One, you didn't tell me it was a bachelor party and two, whose the cursed female? You know what, I'm so hung over until I see five or six of you, and each of you is holding and drinking a beer, yes, cold, refreshing and satisfying. The cursed as you put it female is Felicity, and I told you, maybe that was your answering machine, I left plenty messages it was indeed a bachelor party. So who or what got you guys chunking beer down or did you forget, you don't drink? It's nothing, nobody," readily bringing tears to his eyes, those easily designing his artist cheeks, did he sit up, away that he's to hide the fact he was in all actuality falling apart. "Ah man you're more screwed up than I am only you won't admit it, I'll admit Bree that for the first time in my adult life I'm in love with a female, a woman, this model caliber seductress I won't to climb into in ways driving me insane. My god, ah my god, yes, exactly, my god, your god, I ran over here so I wouldn't mess things up with her, I had her just where I wanted her. Felicity huh? Have I met her? Last Christmas, when you made it known to the family you were gay, yeah kidda messed up the entire family gathering, ah I do remember that, not so much Bree her, but that. I'm gonna let you get back to sleep and take all of us and go crash on the sofa or something like that, you didn't tell me her name, Cadence, Cadence Nicole, I call her, well she's called Caddy for short, she's amazing," as one moving to the front of the apartment, was it probably good news his brother was no longer hoodwinked by the greatest discretion of fleshly immorality, that he was truly happy. "Really amazing Bree I kid you not, yeah, just go easy on the beer, I need at least one of you to be my best man, me? Ha, isn't that something, me, yeah Vince you, so you get some sleep as well, because noon tomorrow your little bro is taking on a wife. Tomorrow noon,“ flopping a lay on the sofa, a look into the ceiling was the arm of the sofa too hard, meaning he needed a pillow. “Bree is getting married, her name is Felicity, and, and, I’m getting married, her name is Cadence Nicole.“ ...Whose Heart Upon Which I'm Twin…
Scene XIII

-"I told Celest I would be able to do this,” with all of them brought to tears at the fact these two were seeing eachother for th first time since those horrible, horrible events, namely Herenton Egan, “so she rbought us both to the floor, to our knees Rig, and we ask the Holy Ones to do it for us. I know, how you think Phearce and I made it, on the wings on our prayers,” that at her saying so, did both fall sobbing on one the other neck, that a so emotional Roman Neal could feeling his wife caressing his shoulder, as could an emotional Regan Central feel her husband Phearce hand on her shoulder. “You really look well, you,” talking to and pointing out a startled by him Phearce Mcphearson, did he almost think himself in trouble, even in danger, “you are a god sent, you think that right, that’s what you are, I hated you for long time, that you would come between those two, but, well, I thank god for you , you too Roman man,” shaking hand into a hug, did they both wipe new, escaping along perfect features of them both tears. What a surprise, you two! What a surprise indeed, why don’t we go, the door, I mean, the door, yeah, when Celeste told me you was here, man our bedroom became really tempting, believe me I know what you mean, they open a new Rest, Ciciel, I been meaning to try them for the longest, that sound fantastic, there’s one truth to be sure, expecting mothers are never, ever filled.” >>>”Ah it would appear we’re not the only ones up at this early hour," that the phone was in its third ring was Ambrey thinking it was wife to be Felicity, that she couldn't sleep as well. {{{"Hello, hello, Ambrey is it? Yes, hello Ambrey this is Cadence, Caddy, Vince friend, please forgive me for calling so early, is he there by any chance? Yes,"}}} Sedately easing the phone over to him sitting at the kitchen table, like him, drinking to omit a demon like hang-over, coffee. "It's for you, it's her," not believing his own ears it was her, the girl, this Caddy person Vince spoke of, “what? It's your Caddy, are you serious?" {{{"Hello, hey, how did, I called Phearce, he gave me Ambrey’s number, said he would see you at the reception, wait a minute, you called Phearce at seven in the morning? I told him it was kind of an emergency, you was so emotionally distraught when you left I couldn't sleep I was so concern. I'm fine now, I missed Bree's bachelor party but it seemed I arrived just in time to be the best man, he's getting married, today at noon as a matter of fact. Really, well if you tell me when and where I could meet you so you won't have to go solo, how does that sound? Good, really good”}} as one standing up of a hard swallow, her ideal was so good in fact, with the entire family being there, he could introduce them to his own intended. "We'll gonna say the Juttah vows, spend our two weeks honey-moon in the African Juttah." What? What do you know about the Juttah Vows, even the African Juttah? More than you my brother in waiting, more than you." {{{"Yeah Bree said he and his, that they're going to announce the Juttah vows, even spend their honeymoon in the African Juttah, wow, that sound amazing, yeah, I didn't even know he knew anything about it”}}}. “It's The Mount Moriah Temple on Forty-Third if she's to attend, today, noon, {{{ahh the Mt. Moriah, yes I heard him, I know exactly where he's talking about, today noon, alright my man in waiting I guess I'll see you there, yeah, see you there.}}} Bree, just what were you going to do if I didn't show up? Ah having a best man wasn't mandatory, if you showed up I wanted to give you something special to do to show you what you mean to me, there's that other thing, the I don't have anything to wear, done, you have a tuxedo identical to mine only a couple inches larger, longer, you're not kidding are you? No,” as one getting his cup to the sink, had he in all fairness thought of everything to make his somewhat estrange brother very welcome. “The Juttah Vows huh? The Juttah Vows Vince is only a reenactment of the original marriage vows,” as one unfolding a typed article to his view, was it as though the next stage in his life prepared. "Only they're a reminder of the covenant we're to make with Supreme Holy Spirits, no more middle man. You know how once you're to make such the vow it shouldn't or can't be broken, only with the Supreme Host alone acting as your primary witnesses said vows can be spoken between partners of the opposite sex in or at any given place or time and be just as honored by the Supreme Spirits of Heaven and earth. I can hold on to this? It's all yours, I know it word for word, there was no way I was going to stand before my intended reading from a piece of paper, I wonder who that could be?" As one responding to a door bell did Ambrey know exactly who it was, brother’s Baldwin, Nathan and Drew all coming over to see him ready for his big day. "Look Vince is here, and I've made him very comfortable, see that you three do the same, swear to me, seeing that each of them are to raise hands to him, especially, the eldest and stubborn as their father, Baldwin. "Sorry to say it look like rain, Drew, Dante, without even looking back was Vincent Dante able to identify his next youngest brother Andrew coming out to the Balcony to him. "Wow Drew you look good, thanks, Nate and Baldwin are inside, good, we're all glad Dante you could make it, yeah Drew so am I. I still catch your reports whenever I can, you really put yourself, your life on the line sometimes. How is dad, mom? They're good, you know mom, dad, they're always good, of course little brother if you called them every now and then you would know that, Baldwin! Well just for your information I do, mom will talk but dad simply refuse, well you kinda blew us Paylors away with that, I don't know obscene announcement of yours and on Christmas day. I'm next, next? Next to marry, Helsea Staples, really, well congratulation," coming around into a shake of his hand, even a modest hug of his neck, was brother Baldwin visibly displeased he’d interrupted the sanding onslaught. "I hope it's your ideal, that you're in love Drew, and it not some weird religious babble of dads. Only those truly in love should marry and it's impossible that we're to love truly except by the Holy Spirit, true romance, even its sexual zenith is to come only by surrendering to them. And what Vince, the Holy Spirit as you call him talk to gays now, to get them to the Supreme God, yes? That Baldwin was only a dark detour I took once, when I mistook a fabulous friendship for something it could never, ever be, now I'm back, thanks to Holy Spirits, this resilient friendship I'm back. How is Methody? You guys have a son now right? Methody is fine and yes, we, you have a thirteen month old nephew, John Peter, you both will no doubt meet today. So Drew you and Helsea like Bree and Felicity will take the Juttah vows? No, just an old fashioned wedding for us, I don't believe in them, you don't Drew or father don't. Why don't you lay off of him, he was right about you wasn't he, what Baldwin, that I was no longer human, that I no longer needed the love and the support of my family, my home base? All well Bree explained those vows to me, what they would one day accomplish, one day mean, this taking out the middle wall, I could think of one thing. The supreme Christ and the conversation he had with that woman of Samaria at Jacob's well, again Drew, Baldwin, the taking out of the middle man. Those laws, doctrines, and traditions of iron hearted men, his cunning craftiness that has literally decimated the sons of men. Bree said it's time that you get dressed," as one finding a truly melancholy Vincent Dante sort of sitting alone in the front room had his next to eldest brother Nathan worked up enough nerves to come in to him. "I want, actually Vince I need you to know my avoidance of you isn't to mock you, but that I'm really ashamed of the way I've mistreated you the last year or so, forgive me? There's nothing Nate to forgive, I hope you're not second guessing your coming, it's was the right decision for all of us, will dad be there, at the wedding? Mom said he was to be or ready himself to sign divorce papers, ah, then most definitely he's to be there, dad is more smoke and mirrors than anything, remember that. You still have those vows?" With brother Andrew coming in just as soon, would he not forget the conversation they had about the Juttah Vows. "Bree just told me he gave them to you, sure, I hand wrote them for myself so you're welcome to them, I don't know Helsea and I could look over them, see what we really think for ourselves, good Drew, I'm happy for you and on that mark I best get ready, I do have a wedding to go to.”

...Yes I'm Twofold And Retrieved As One Anguishing Extensively In The Direction Of My Undying One....

"I can't Caddy tell you how, how, you don't have to say anything, this is very special for me as well, that you would allow me to be a part of it all, that Ambrey would. You look amazing by the way, they Vince look amazing, it's my first Juttah wedding, it's probably a first for us all. You have such a beautiful family, I mean drop dead gorgeousness just grow there, yeah, they're pretty incredible. You’re pretty incredible, what is that?" Seeing he's to meticulously unfold a slice of paper to her, that he's to all the more stir into the sweltering adrenaline already at play. "It's the vows, I wrote them down last night, we’ll talk about it later" that they're all to clap their hands and be the first to salute them, at the announcement that Luke Ambrey and Felicity Canary was now husband and wife. "That Bree, Felicity was astonishing," that out of a hug of her lovely neck, would he now begin introduction of the stunning female on his arm they were all whispering about. "This you two is Cadence Coledalay, Cadence or Caddy is fine, that was really amazing, brought a little tear. Thanks and it's a pleasure I'm sure, I'm angry at you Bree for beating me, but I'm right on your heels and how long Nate have you been saying that? Come, that he's to lead her away to finish the conversation they started earlier, even, she thought, to meet the parents. "Wow!" With astonishing eyes of hers growing up and all around at being completely overwhelmed, that's taken by this heart thumping surprise was Vincent leading her out into this unthinkably beautiful courtyard. "Are you sure it's alright we're to be out here? I helped plant most of these trees, flowers, and built this mouth-watering gazebo, so it better be. I'm literally blown away, this is so astonishing, so breath taking, my god I could live out here forever. I want to touch you,” as one having to control his emotionally, passionate heart, had he brought Cadence Nicole this way unto a virtual proposal. "I can do this, right, I can do this, I want to touch you, feel you, I want to see you, to spend Cadence my days and nights with you. I want to climb into and come inside of you, but I, we can't do any of those things unless we're, we're vowed together as one. All while we stood witnessing Bree and Felicity, while we all stood, um, anyway I kept imaging or wishing it was you and I finally becoming husband and wife, imaging that is until I was Caddy reminded of your on again, off again, fiancé Jason and just the thought of that seem to spoil everything." "Hey you two, we're off to the reception, I'm right, we're right behind you guys, don't forget the best man mean the bride and groom have a toast coming. I don't know how to tell you this, but there is no Jason, excuse me, yeah Mel and I sort of made him up to keep ill-intentional boys at bay. Ill intentional boys, is that what I look like to you? No, that isn't what I meant, you're the most special man, no, human being I'm to know, you've discovered Vince what the world for centuries have lost, it's very, God given trait, humanity. I never meant to hurt you," but he was hurt, turning his back to her, away from her when he'd become so close, so passionate, "it was, was, a subterfuge right, a bamboozle. This was only just last night, I can't believe you lied to me, I must have looked a fool every time my heart spilled over in tears. No, that's not it at all, like you Vince I only have one opportunity to get this right, to do this right, I can't afford to screw this up, we can't. I can't believe you allowed me to worry so over something of your, of a childish imagination, how impersonal, no!” That’s she to come upon him, mend this heinous misunderstanding, even miscalculation, mend him, "I said no! Just, just go home! Ok, just go! I can't go home, not without you, can't you see that? I've found him, the man I'm to spend eternity with, you want the Juttah Vows, good, I’ve known them for ten years now. I Cadence Nicole, I'm not a child, I'm a woman, I fully understand the vows I will make. I Cadence Nicole being of sound mind and body, standing before, no," leaping up, into her pouring out of her heart and soul, a gentle touch to her incredibly edible mouth, lips at silencing her for now did he as he desired in ways unspeakable move to strike. "My god I can't help myself," as to smooch her on those delectable lips, it's warm breath, tongue, did he as he'd desired mightily since he first saw her kiss her. As well her insatiable mouth, that just as edible neck, ear, god help him as he couldn't help or stop himself. "Ah god you taste so good, ah god, ah god, ah god, we better go, but you got me firing, blistering in places I dare not speak of, shhhh,” taking her hand into his leading her, at bringing her his way, he hadn't told her, but if he's to have his way, brother Andrew and himself just may have a double wedding. "You can ride with me, we're come back for your car, I don't think I can wait," as one climbing additionally his neck, unto that delectable ear, that vivacious spoor of his, that she's to climax without him. "It's so mighty, so exclusive, marry me," as one laying his forward so passionately to hers, did he as he'd confessed earlier to Ambrey have Cadence Nicole exactly where he wanted, her, or did she have him? "Commit us both Caddy to the Juttah Vows and be mine for all eternity, but not here, not now, this is Bree’s time, his astonishing moment, let us get to him. Phearce,” as one shaking his hand into a kind hug of his neck, when did you guys get here? Regan, Vince, we got here just as the bride and groom were being announced, wow you guys look great, as do you and Caddy, fantastic actually. We better get, yeah, thanks for waiting for us, I didn't know Bree was having a Juttah ceremony, neither did I Phearce until last night, or early morning, man how glorious was it all, yeah I can't even imagine. Regan and I were thinking of reciting our vows like so, not because we have to, yeah, I know, because you want to, yeah, exactly."

...That We Neither Overdraw Nor Desist But Hope For One The Other...
Scene XV

-"So how is she?" Bringing him a very welcomed glass of Sherry, was the reception getting to be something just as amazing as the Juttah wedding itself. "Of everything she's been through remarkably well, I shutter and I Vince mean that literally, where she would be without, you, you know, come on Phearce, you can say it, without you. Yeah but she have like three incredible brothers who are so amazing to her, yeah, yeah, but neither one of them can be the superman husband Phearce you've been to her. And now ladies and gentlemen for the toast," spinning off as one bringing all attention his way, did Dante Vincent appear to be larger than life light at presenting the most special toast. "Raise your liquor glasses, wine, tea and even lemon-aide glasses, what can I say except I want to thank, we, we first of all want to thank Ambrey and his especial spouse Felicity for allowing us to be a part of this literally unspeakable ceremonial. What is that saying father? The holy words, how eyes hath not seen, nor ears heard, how neither hath it entered into the hearts of man the things God hath prepared for those who love him, man have we come so amazing close, to The Bride and Groom! We're gathered here this day, parents, siblings, friends and very special friends to join into a Juttah Matrimony this man and this woman, may this astonishing union for all eternity be a joy, peace and gladness without end, without question, to the Bride and groom! Here I stand and as I stand I'm astounded that he, meaning we are this ground up, that my little worrisome, I'm to follow you were ever you're to go little brother is this mature. He's not only presenting his family with its newest member, but off to the most promising era of mankind's existence, to the Juttah bride and groom! Gee Vince man that was awesome, a real hat puller, yes, exactly, a real hat puller, hey you seen Caddy?" Ingesting hard into a scratchy, thorny throat of prevailing thirst did he open his eyes into a very unfamiliar ceiling, into an all the more concerning, truly alarming scenery all around him. He's awake! Just like they said, he's awake! Phearce," he's to say just as tears roll along his cheek, even salty to his mouth, and relentless along his chin. "Where’s Caddy? What happen? Hurricane Harriet Vince, she took you, almost killed you, hurricane what, what are, you, talking, talking, about? Where's Caddy? Where the hell am I? You're in the hospital, you've been here for weeks, in a coma, my, --- what?" Automatically spinning additional tears along artist features was he beginning to realize the scope of his tragedy. "My god, my crew, you Vince was the only one found alive, and that was barely. Bree, where is Bree? I'm right here,” simultaneously swabbing both cheeks at moving into his position had they more than once been summoned to his bed side with purpose of saying their last goodbyes. "Where's Felicity?" Who?" "Felicity, do you know a Felicity, are you two, I knew a Felicity, but Vince she's dead, remember, she's been dead at least a year now, she drowned off the Florida coast. And you, my god I'm so thirsty, some water, please, yes, Regan Central, what does that mean to you?" Seeing he's to hurriedly gulp his cup, of course Phearceson McPhearceson knew a Regan Central, she'd just recently become his love interest. "Yes, I do, she's very important to me, Vince?" Seeing he's to break down additionally had he really given them all a beyond imagination scare as they were all certain they'd lost him. "Get out!" Harshly repositioning himself was he to instead turn his back to them at thinking what the hell kidda nightmare had he been in and for one Cadence Nicole sake could he for all times return? "Everybody just get the hell out! Phearce? Yes, what was the last things you said to me, I need you to think really hard because it’s vitally important, we like discussed my going after Regan Central, which you were completely against and my decision to step down from my anchor position. Thanks," as one visibly plucking a large tear from his nose, had he apparently been in an alternate reality and what a blazing reality it'd all been. "Ah my god help me, please god help me! Why has this happen, what does it all mean? Please god, please!" <<<"Look Vince I know you're in there, you can't hide forever, from us forever, I love you man, I can't Phearce ok, I'm not ready. What does that mean Vince really, which of us are truly ready? At the hospital, when you awaken, you was going on about a Cadence, a Caddy, even a Nicole, I think I've found her, you hear me Vince? Open this door, I think I've found, how, she doesn't even exist, she was only a figment of my imagination, how have you found her? Yes Vince she does exist, and if you open the door I'll show you. It's a trick, you're always tricking me to get what you want. Regan Central exist right? Ok, her name is really Kyler Michelle Duncan, her now deceased husband is named Taylor James Duncan, deceased, did you say deceased? Yes,” opening the door immediately to him, what was Phearce talking about seeing neither of those names were recognizable? “He made her a young widow about three years ago, none of this make sense, how do you Phearce take Kyler and Taylor Duncan and get Cadence Nicole? Is this her?" As one displaying a five by ten likeness of the woman he definitely knew as Cadence Nicole but how did he know? "Ok how? Look at the bottom, blah, blah, blah and she has a three year old daughter name Cadence Nicole Duncan. She's joining KYMX beginning Monday morning, joining our team, but, but, I hope you got something to eat, I'm famished seeing I skipped lunch to bring this breaking news to you. Hey man you need to do some serious shopping, Vin, hey you're ok? Ah God what is happening to meeeeeeee!" As one out of a petrifying scream at crashing a bottle of wine into the wall "my lord Vince, don't come freaking near me! But there's glass everywhere, wine, get out! Vince, get out damn it, get out! I asked you was she real, or was she some god damn figment of my imagination and all you did was poke fun! Poke fun damn it Phearce as usual! What are you talking about? Vince, ah god, ah, god, my whole crew is dead, dead because of some damn, but I'm here,” visibly as one with photo in hand crashing to his knees at being floored by the most dramatic episodes of his entire lifespan. "See me Vince, I'm here with you," at him gently fitting his crying, sobbing uncontrollably a head into his soft, soothing breast, were things happening where the both of them were concern that would dramatically change their lives. "You know what?" That he's to regain some control of himself, of realizing this was no longer them or how they were, "I'm really hungry too, plus I need to get out of this place, yeah, sure, we can go and eat. I’m going to tell you something," as one instead dramatically, even climatically grabbing him in his collar did he show himself mightily disturbed. "Something Phearce between you and I ok, you and I only, ok, I can Phearce only assume while in that coma, that this coma actually put me into this alternate reality, you and Regan were in this reality, and you'd become this unspeakable couple, Bree, Bree and this Felicity were there. As a matter of fact just before I woke I was as acting best man, giving the toast at his, their, Juttah wedding. And I, I'd met and fallen in love with one anchor person, this fabulous female Vince, woman name Cadence, Caddy for short. I'd confessed to Bree just that night how for the first time in my adult life I'd meet and fallen in love with this stunning, you, I'd just proposed marriage. I just Phearce can't believe it was all make believe, how all those passionate moments and indescribable sentiments were all for nothing, accomplishing nothing, what a cruel and unusual punishment. Not in any way Vince to give you false hope, but that photo, the fact this person exist, that as of Monday she's to be on our crew has to mean something. Yeah I'll just walk up to her and tell her how I'm to know, love and one day marry her all through an alternate reality of a recent coma. Look you was return to us for a reason, or Phearce man simply because they really like screwing with people lives, hearts and minds, just believe it's all going to work out. You see I haven't asked a thing about Regan and I in your alternate reality, why? Because I know despite how or what we suffer you described us as a very special couple and that is my ultimate dream and prayer. Now how about that lunch? Yeah, I, I'll even follow you back to work to look over my old station, good, they've been asking about you, that would be good. Regan and I became a lovely pair huh? Yeah, I was at the time telling you what a superman husband you'd become to her despite how supportive her three older brothers. Three brothers, Regan has three brothers, in my alternate reality, ah yeah, I must remember that, a superman of a husband huh? Wow, I really like that. Look in the sky it's a bird, no it's a plane, no it's Regan's husband, superman, see I knew I shouldn't have told you, what, what I do, I'm just saying, that's all." From Poetry Rising 04/09/2003,
…The Interval…

-Whether it’s Nicholas Edin summoning his Tiffany Ann, or Sioux Noel his Maaseiah Adonai or Christian Cros his Lord Urusalim eternal ‘Failing Nights’ is a heartfelt admission inconceivable of how lonesome. Or how we, mankind long for his one single, most proficient, even God induced love affair so immortal…Henceforth this Apostle give you…

Failing Nights

-My Dear Maaseiah, the failing nights are laying a foundation of solitude and isolation is all but drilling lastingness and continuance has to offer. It is those encounters you hold fast, as well their well-versed voices, chatter and laughter and soon. Just as soon a sunup bring on its heel an even more drooling after dark than lonesomeness. How to spend this great imperilment I beseech thee, this dismal archenemy and my sole heart its sitting duck?
-Although this night judiciously contiguous and adjacent to impending regions. Another half sown apart and away from me by an inevitable yet unyielding loathing, where art thou immortal life, love? When art thou? We're discovered tend toward our cognition, we're blasted with shamefacedness and yes leaning there where we will not, or it's perhaps cannot, we're incapable of realizing the heart of man, his kind.
-However beloved who is to care? Capable instead are we at comprehending the heart of the Supreme, whose heart upon which I'm twin. Yes I'm twofold and retrieved as one anguishing extensively in the direction of my undying one. That we neither overdraw nor desist but hope for one the other, summoning ourselves to an appointment of performing singleness. This night so distinctive, imperiling me so, breaking down a given up soul, hark tis a voice "remember from whence thou art broken and mend, mend it say mend and bring thyself again.” Accounted for and absorbed, a sharp, eerie silence in my shadow's blood. He is those fallen in love, I heard you so well, a cup of trembling, overflowing and spilled.
-Today thou begun a voyage into the bewitching hour, collaborating with time's duration on its intended cower. En route for eternity art my love gone deep, how deep my love, indeed what character, which stage, as I'm to discover unremittingly thy loathsome fate? Yes thou art mine immortal, the occurrence of a wild yonder breeze, recover thy beloved again, I beseech thee. From Beast of Beauty, fea. Maaseiah Adonai and Arise Sioux Noel, Wr. By: Patricia A Bradford, Apostle, The Rising Above Ministry (RAM) (c) copyright 2008-2014

...Summoning Ourselves To An Appointment Of Performing Singleness....

-"All I’m saying you’re not going to be able to run from her forever, I’m not running, yeah, out of all the people in the cafeteria she’s to come to you, to sit with, she chose you. Only Phearce because she’s to meet the team, I am its primary leader, yeah whatever, and just Phearce when will I officially meet this Regan Central? You probably never will, Regan Central has a proficient intended that everybody is crazy about, everybody Phearce except Regan Central. Let me see if I can get this right, Herenton E something, close, man, Herenton Egan, how the, yes Phearce say it, how are these things so right on target with you and her? Maybe this is about you and her, that it isn't about this Kyle, Cadence deal at all, I beggar to differ with you, she's in love with you Vince, everybody can see it. I said it Vin man and I'm not taking it back, it's obvious, in a she doesn't know what's happening to her, just that she got the hot’s for a man she doesn't even know. Do you know how insane that is? Yes, but not any less true, the miraculous is happening, hopefully Vince not just to us, but to all those deciding upon the Supreme Christ’s as lord and eternal tranquility. Although believe me when I tell you she's somewhere trying to find a way into more than your good graces, the limitless heart thereof, but how to entangle herself so intimate into you, your very blood boil. Man! Do you ever answer your phone? My gracious! It's only them, them? Drew, Baldwin, them, they want to see me, make amends for the last year and a half. Forgive as you ought," as one folding a jacket carefully over his arm was Phearson getting out, away, perhaps to Virginia to finally meet face to face this one and only Regan Central. "I saw the footage from that night, after the standing-ovation they gave me when I walked into reviews, it just happen to be the footage from that night. It wasn't a pretty sight, but how could it be? Five people Phearce entrusted to my judgment died, yes but it was Nora's ideal, yes, perhaps, but headquarters had ordered us into a shelter but no, before I knew how much danger we were in we were being tossed around on our asses and then nothing, not until I woke up in the hospital room. You want to know how I discovered Regan Central? I was in Claudson office looking for my assignment for that week and there they were, a box of fan letters addressed to me. If I'd never Vince been searching around Claudson office I never would've found those letters and I never would've found her, would've never known she even existed. Even so If you'd never met with that accident I would be satisfied, perhaps even deceived with the fact she has a fiancé and wouldn't have pursued her any further. You know how we're instructed never to lean upon our own understanding, but in all our ways trust the Supreme and he shall direct our path? I really believe Vince this is one of those times, I'm going to go meet and fall head-over hills in love with Regan Central and she with me. And you, you're going to call your siblings, make amends, after what they've been through these last weeks, believe me they're more than ready to welcome their black sheep brother back into the fold. Hey, I like your hair cut close to your head like that, how Vince it's to blend so perfectly into your facial stubble, make you quite riveting, thanks, don't Phearce come back without her, I won't, I promise. The one thing I truly admired was how in this alternate reality we'd Phearce become the best of friends, simply amazing, how we understood one another, was always there for one another, as I said truly extraordinary. See you soon, yes, soon. You sure you won’t come Mom really want you to? I’m sure Rome I can’t take a leave right now, plus Rome you need this time with them, I need my time with you, I don’t know if I can stay away from you that long, you’ll be just time, just promise you’ll to call me so we can talk one another to sleep every night like we used to, you sure about this? Just go, all you’re is making it worse, ok, alright, ok, I packed your favorite snack, thanks,” that upon this tender kiss one of another did Roman Neal make this his exit, that he’s to away home, Texas, a cousin bachelor party, family friends. “A week without the wife, well Justin you don’t have to celebrate for m I actually tried to convince Celeste to come, that’s because you whipped, man, yeah Just man, that’s why I married her so she can be free to whip me whenever she want, I hear you man, . >>>It's Phearce right?” Seeing she's to stand eye to eye with a just as shock to see her at his door as Phearce McPhearce had he apparently been right about her. "I'm sorry to show up at your door so unannounced but I've been calling and calling, if you will Kyler I was just leaving, ah yes, nice seeing you again, and you Phearce, so may I come in? Or should I, no, please come in," that he's to momentarily give an escaping Phearce this at odds look just as he's to close the door. “I'm so new in town and would love to have someone, ah you Vincent show me around, why me?" Having yet to clear the door as if he didn't expect her to visit for long which made her all the more unwelcome. "I can't really answer that, I mean I'll beg if you want me too, no, there's no need for that, to be honest I wouldn't know where to start. You live here right? I mean you're a native New Yorker and all, ok," as one coming instead around him to the door, this tall, luscious hunk of a man, did she feel her silliest. "This wasn't a good ideal, I told myself that, boy did I tell myself that. No, actually, Ky, ler, I would be glad to be your escort, it's all routine to me is what I meant, but we have drovers for hire just for this purpose, so if you give me a moment, I'll be right with you."

...This Night So Distinctive, Imperiling Me So...

-"My friends call me Phearce" did a towering, wholly sumptuous Phearson McPhearson manage inconceivably at finding a though wowed an impressed Regan Central in her most private of places. "How did you do that? I mean how did you find me here of all places? Surely Regan you didn't think it would be that easy," all the better comforting himself, were the entire studio of them mightily astonished with gossip and whispers. "That I would let you say goodbye without facing me directly? If you indeed read the letter, I take it Regan this isn't what you wanted, that I'm to find you, persuade you I'm the one and none other? If you read, look at me Regan," leaning into a clearer comprehension of her, that for person to person clarity handling her stubborn chin into direct attention. "I've come all this way at least you're to talk to, if you Mr. McPhearson read the letter you're to know how impossible it's writing, you think my lord saying goodbye in person will be all the more easier? I won't believe this, that you're actually, you thought Regan those extraordinary letters of yours no doubt fell on deaf ears? Or my lord like millions of others, a deaf dumpster, tell me Regan about this cleavage" proving he's trustworthy enough at not only reading but exacting said interest in her writing. "Please, I don’t, what is this cleavage you speak of, tell me, I don’t, I imagine it is first humility illogical, that it is second my lord an inexpressible, literally unutterable relinquishment and, --and third Regan submission. It's Regan being lost in another that is miraculously your most failed but celebrated self, not only being in love, but revitalizing love, right? Now why again are you here? You're crossed with me, I don't believe you, I don't believe any of this, this Mr. McPhearson like you've been for the last three years is a figment of my imagination, that the more I disbelieve you, this agonizing fact looter you'll fade away. You Regan not only despise me but you're to punish me? I'm to leave you, " displaying herself even more nasty did she spring up, coat fold over her arm, purse to her shoulder, suitcase in an additional hand along this hostile leave. “Sit, sit Regan Central or I'll make a terrible scene, you know I mean what I say, I apologize, please Regan I'm so very, you apologize, apologize Mr. McPhearson for what? For being so contrary and ignoring you all these years, now please," eventually persuading her back along her seat, with him rushing up, around to her to help her, did he glance marvelously at the distinctness they yet spoke privately. "Everyone Regan like you said write, they write this impression of which you speak, this mental invention, this expert illusion, although when you write I not only know you, I know myself, I know to be truly happy, to be at a manner of true peace, joy Regan I must be honest with myself, with you, I guess what I'm trying to say is you got my attention. Ok, ok, I'm Regan in love with you and it is there I want to remain, although as you know so much is against it, I'm not free, yes I know" as one studying long into the promises of love and commitment she'd made Herenton Egan only days prior, was she her own trap? "I'm Regan as a little boy blue, lost and confused, listless, but Regan with you I’m often persuaded of this place of escape and none but her cleaving to me like I'm her own blood and flesh is finding me, pleasuring me is that a dream? One my lord made to come true I assure you., they worry me often, these crazed faith looters and to escape I wrap myself in the pleasure of your words and soon it's there, only there Regan Central I find a recourse, often times even an unspeakable yet bearable calm, how could I let that get away,” was this really happening, was she and Phearson McPhearson not only having this eye to eye, heart to heart conversation but this literally unspeakable agreement, even god-sent? “Tell me if you know?” I fear Lord as you, I don’t know, I was off to Germany for a year just now, it is to be Lorna's and my honeymoon, a working celebratory if you will. Will you Regan wait for me?” Such the doll himself at displaying himself an elegant, utterly vigilant one assigned to her distressing uncertainty clearly what was this foolery? “Forgive me Lord, wait that you're for a year to have a wife and a honeymoon? No, that you're to trust me and wait, and what my lord of my own desires? That you're Regan Central to trust me and wait. Is that too much to ask? Yes," amusing her own-self by this terse reply what on earth manner of sacrifice was this seeker of her soul encouraging of her? "God as my Supreme yes, clearly, though I will trust and foolishly having my head examined or not I will wait. I knew it, I knew I could, you didn't tell me Phearce how you of all places found me here? I'm part news anchor and part explorative reporter, ok, ok, ok, I showed up at your place and a stunning female, Celestra, yes, she directed me to here. A honey-moon in Germany, wow! All I can say is you people go all the, way. Won't you Regan tell me more about this cleavage" as one seizing her soft hands into a play of her delicate fingers along his impressive grip into a kiss into his engaging mouth, breath, was he strikingly dependent. "About how vulnerable in our flesh-like, human being, that no doubt sacred marriage and bleeding heart we're to perhaps be, I can tell you but how will you beloved depart this thine love come true? Love me forever and tell me." >>> “This is delicious, and, and coming to my senses so unlike me, I can’t believe this, ---did I do something wrong?” Obvious to him how suddenly she’s to become uncomfortable, how she’s to even move up, off, like in a panic. “No, I mean of, I’ve never done this before, done what? You mean eat lunch before? Not with a strange person, I’ve never come on to, to, you know, this is all so spontaneous and I think I’m leaving. Please don’t, yeah give me one sane reason why I shouldn’t, I’ve met you before, in an alternate reality, just days before you, you, you know, came here. Only Kyler I knew and loved you as Cadence Caddy Nicole. What, ---what the hell did you just say? I know how it sound, but that Ca, Kyler is what I ex, experienced. I was in a coma, unknowingly, you worked with me, was a colleague I sort of had a crush, should I continue or will you insist on, ---but in this other reality you knew me according to my daughters’ name? Again I know how it, ---is that why I feel such an overwhelming attraction to you, almost as though I, I, ---I got to go,” as one nervously grabbing her things into a stand, her, umbrella, truly the both of them had stumbled into a form of twilight zone. “None of this make sense,-- perhaps it would, only if we believe, believe I love you, no that I’m in love with you, ---a man I don’t know from Adam. I was about to ask you to marry me, when I awaken instead in a hospital with five crew members dead from a hurricane, and you, you Kyler the only woman in this world I’d found myself attracted, no I loved you, but now you were nowhere to be found. What do you want me to do, say? You know what you’re saying right?” Standing a few feet from him, that they’d captured the attention of the entire outdoor restaurant and with great, admiring interest. “That we met and fell in love in some kind of alternate reality, it’s not possible, but here we are Kyler, here, together, it’s so possible we were, just before you brought us to our senses, we were eating lunch and planning a whole day together. My god,” wiping, as so sniffing at readied tears at realizing, he was right, what were the odds she would end up at his work place, as a member of his team? That they would actually be attracted to one the other, evidently, the miraculous was already happening? I promise to stay away from you Vince, if you, please show me the same respect, Ky, Kyler I know, how, this, that she’s to get away hurriedly, at easing again into a seat although he couldn’t believe he told her, he felt proud that he did.

... Breaking Down A Given Up Soul,...

-“So how did it all go, you, you set me up, you could’ve call me or something, then it wouldn’t have been a surprise, so tell, get off of my bed, and stay out of my perfume. All come on, the most stunning anchor/weather man in Christian-dom, is that what you’re to Celeste say at the funeral when Henry kill us both. What Herenton Egan don’t know, can’t hurt any of us, yet, and my nail polish, just get out all together, no, not until you give this match maker details. He asked me to wait, the wedding, the honeymoon, excuse me? Exactly! I mean he’s damn gorgeous and all, but even that level of gorgeousness Regan has its limits, I thought you was getting some red polish, I hate you, you know that right? Plus the fact that you have Rome, you stole him from me you know, ah gracious to God, we’re not going there are we? Plus you gave him away, said he was too much of a heathen for you., you better be glad you too make for the most special couple, or I’ll steal him right back! Really, seriously, what was said, how, how did you answer him asking you to wait? I got to go, I have that meeting with South, North and Anderson, tell me again how is it you guys are named for every division of the planet? Bye, what? It’s just weird, or Celestra clever, yeah I guess, North Lee , South Lee, Est Wes Anderson and yours truly, Regan Central, I can’t wait to see what you’re to name your first son, you mean Celeste beside Herenton Egan the Third? Right, right, ok, well call me as soon as you get back, and you’re not kidding Phearson really asked you to wait? Yes Celeste,” as one pushing her right out the door with her, had the conversation seem to take a circular motion of Celestra’s inquiries, “now go and see what that darling husband of yours want, what he always want, something to eat, drink or play with, if you know what I mean. You know I’m still a virgin right? So you need to be either more or less on details, less if you’re not to alarm me and more if you’re to groom me, good night poor little virgin girl.” <<<”So tell me more,” as one coming into a seat to him, a literal vacant lunch room, had it been days since she would see or talk to him, “I want to know more, I thought I scared you off for good,” Kyler had the most astonishing smooth skin, these inviting blue eyes, with long lashes, and her mouth, and sparkly white smile, she was perfect, he thought, a stunner really and he had yet to believe this was really happening. “I mean with dreams of that manner how do you Vince know, how do you trust? So you’re talking to me again? I don’t know, we could be dreaming, I know, how do you know what’s really real? I mean what’s to stop me from waking up from this amazing moment right here and find it’s all a dreamscape?” He was the dream Kyler was thinking, putting the gor, in gorgeous, tall, dark, perfectly build, groomed, with the most stylist haircut and inviting facial features, so expert, even his alluring scent. “I don’t know, I mean where do I start? I’d invited you out to dinner, I was explaining how I wanted to make some changes in my life and I wanted you to be a part of them, are you serious? Though Vince in this alternate reality I wasn’t myself, I mean I was myself, yes, but you was known as Cadence, Caddy, you, my daughter’s name. We really liked each other huh? Well we’d just got into an argument, you and a pretend boy-friend, even a fiancée that didn’t exist, I mean you had me stressing over you, over a supposedly alternate relationship that wasn’t even real. So you was angry at me huh? Yeah, I really was, your best friend was Melrose, as so you had a brother/cousin name Mike, a problem child you always thought. Well I’ll admit that part of the dream was accurate, but Melrose, I attended Melrose High for a few years, had a friend named Annie Sue, but I haven’t seen her or spoken with her in so many years. Though I’ll admit, I’ve always thought I would name my first daughter Melrose, but the hubby didn’t like the ideal. If you don’t mind, what happen to him, to your husband, I’m sorry to say Taylor killed himself, there was all the evidence he’d planned a murder suicide, but my mom got sick, really bad sick and I left that morning while he was yet sleep, I grabbed Caddy so she wouldn’t disturbed him, and, well, there isn’t much to say. For so long Vince as the pain grew unbearable I wished he’d taken us with him, living with the reality we’d stayed so far away from each other. I didn’t have a clue, we were at our best, every thing was going right it seem, but he did it and it was just so hard to accept, I mean anything but that. I still can’t figure it, I’m tired of trying, yeah, it’s best, we’re not to lean unto our own understanding, but Kyler in all our ways trust him. Him, God you mean? Caddy and I are doing just fine not believing in him, so, there’s no need to start now, I hope that doesn’t disappoint you so much, knowing who your father is, no, but Kyler in the alternate reality you was an abbot believer and that’s putting it lightly, you was putting together a prayer group just before I awaken from it all, a prayer group, me? That is extraordinary, now Tenny I could see, but certainly not me.” >>>”So talk to me, talk to you about what? You meet with your brothers today, what did they think, or did you even tell them, ask them rather?” That’s Henry tell them,” as one wiping her hands at pushing a yet filled plate away, but had she been made filled so soon, unto a sip of her tea glass, “and no, the opportune time didn’t seem to present itself, it was all about business with them and whether I’m to join the firm after college? I don’t understand you, we Regan live in Richmond, to join the Coogan firm wouldn’t you have to live in New York? I would have to do my first two years of internship there, but I don’t see how that’s to be a problem, is this Regan your way of declining my proposal, although I knew you would see it that way, no, it’s not, it’s simply considering all my options Henry that’s all, you know it would do you good as well, an internship at the greatest law firm in the nation, even some say in parts of Europe. “No,” as well pushing his plate away into a wipe of his hands, a sip of his wine glass, had Herenton hoped this dinner was about Regan Central accepting his wedding proposal, but what a hard case itself. “I’m pretty secure Regan where I am, I want one thing from your brothers, their approval as their future brother-in-law, come on Regan, I think I’ve given you sufficient time, do you want me to stop asking you, is that it? You know what, I would love to go to the movies, and sweet darling see what? I don’t know, we can decide when we get there, may I Regan be excused to the little boys room, yes, of course. {{{“Regan Central here, ah, so professional, Celeste, what do you want? You, home, so we can gossip about Phearson and stuff, well I’m out with Henry and he’s worrying me half to death, so what movies are good? I think we’re going, ah I heard that new Cruise movie is good, but we’re talking Tom Cruise, that’s automatic. Hey why don’t I get Rome and we meet you guys there, keep Henry off of you for a little while at least, ah my god Celeste that’s a god sent of an ideal, I’ll call you as soon as it’s actual, I better go, here he comes.”}}}

...Hark Tis A Voice...
Scene XIX

-“I know mom how it all sound, but is it possible? Are they possible, these dream? “Well with this Vincent guy so flesh and blood real, its honey already happening, how do we really know? He said until he awaken in that hospital everything he saw, felt and experienced was entirely real. That he found it almost impossible to sleep at night from fear it would start all over again, how he slept mom only that he’s to find me again, us I guess, but he never did. And you say you love him, I do momma, I know it sound crazy but I do, almost as if, wait mom, the other line is calling, hello, Ky hear, Kyler, Vince, look I’m afraid I won’t be able to see you for dinner, something has come up, something urgent as only something urgent can keep me from you. Wow that’s sweet, of course I’ll be on the edge of my seat until I do see you again, good, that is sweet I’ll call you later, yes, no matter how late, or, early, I love you, yes, I love you too. Hello, mom? Yes I’m still here, that was him, Vince, I told him I love him, without any hesitation, like I’ve been saying it all alone. I still don’t know how he knew me as Caddy, Vince saying it’s because she’s such an enormous part of my heart, and how else to be totally introduced to me than through my sincere heart, my daughter. Like that explanation honey, can’t touch that, wouldn’t even try, I can’t wait to meet him, so when will we meet him? Soon mom I’m sure, is Pete there? No, she and her friends have a party tonight, mom you talked to Mike recently, Aunt Beth? No, not really, so you wouldn’t know whether or not he’s engaged, engaged, Mike? I think he’d rather die, that’s what I’m afraid of, excuse me, I hear Caddy calling mom, so I guess we’ll be seeing you guys soon, tell dad I said much love, yes baby sure, you be careful, I will mom, you know I will. Here I am, you think mommy would leave you? Shhhhh, I’m here, you go back to sleep, I’m right here, all the children left, all what children? The people left, I know, but I won’t leave right? Daddy left, I know, but that wasn’t his fault, it was god’s fault, it was people being mean and ugly to one another, fault, remember momma told you that. I have a friend named Mr. Vincent I want you to meet, my hand fit into your hand, yes, it does, perfectly, did you hear me baby? I’ll go to sleep now, you’ll stay with me, yes, momma will be glad to stay with you, yes of course. I'm coming as quickly as possible,” rushing as hurriedly to the door as possible as she feared it alone would stir little Cadence again awake, praying she would grow out of it, she’d been losing sleep this ways since her father’s death. “Whose there? It me Ky, it’s Mike, Mike!” As one whisking the door open into a tight, happy hug of his neck, truly excited, even relieved to see him. “Wow where did that come from? Come in here, I just got through asking mom about you, where the hell did you disappear to?” Glancing pass him along the hall at seeing whether he’s to be alone, that there were no other surprises like a wife, a fiancée. “Who or what are you looking for? How did you find me? Ah your address was easy enough to read, anything to eat?” Putting an address envelope into her hand at heading right for kitchen, the frig, was Michael Vermin as always raiding her refrigerator. “So where’s my little princess? Asleep, and she’s staying that way, she’s still having a hard time, still Mike asking those impossible questions. And what about you, New York of all places? Well silly man, if I can make it here, I can make it any place, just don’t you leave a mess in my kitchen, how did you get here by the way. I hitch-hiked all the way, please tell me you’re kidding, kidding, ok I flew, first class as a matter of fact, so you thumbed your way to New York? It doesn’t matter, Caddy is going to be tickled pink to see, --I couldn’t shake you? I couldn’t Ky shake the feeling something was wrong, really, well as you see I’m fine, yeah, but the way you greeted me, that wasn’t so fine, that had suspicion written all over and through it. Bad dreams that’s all, if you’re not married or engaged? No, none of the above, not lately anyway, so I take it, it’s alright if I hang around for a spell?” As one laying flat on her sofa, poking and punching a pillow under his head, although cousin Kyler wouldn’t believe him, his not having much in the way of money, he’d indeed flown first class to New York. “I guess I better get some sleep as well, I have an early morn, well you can leave Caddy to me, we’ll be just fine, no she’s in day care, but thanks just the same, goodnight, yeah babe, you too. Flying first class, that’s a joke, I still can’t believe it.” Yarning, hard, long at making ready for bed, there’s no way the husband would allow Mike to spend more than a couple hours, let alone the night, seeing he always thought Mike a vagabond. “Hey!” God Mike!” Barely having her top over her head, had Mike been warn before about coming into her private space undetected. “Don’t do that, sorry, I can’t seem to find the remote, I try and get them out of Caddy’s way, there’s a box on top of the set, it’s there, now go, and don’t come back into my room! Ok, ok! I start a job at Sam’s Warehouse tomorrow, are you serious? Yeah, and I’ve signed up for night classes, yeah, and what’s that for? Not sure yet, but I’m looking at management, retail, I’ve always admired those guys, you know, being in charge, as long as you know being in charge as you say is a lot of responsibility, sleep tight huh, yeah, Mike, you too.”

..Remember From Whence Thou Art Broken And Mend,…
Scene XX

-{{{“Hey I can’t talk long but I’ve persuaded Rig to come out, ah thank god Phearce, you are a god sent, hey you guys,” holding the receiver like so at reassuring the others, South, North, their wives, had they all been with much concern of her seeming regression, Pheace got Rig to get out, hey I got to go, I just wanted to give you guys a heads up, so call mom let her, know, I will and I’ll make sure she know you call her mom. No, no, Andy it just the last we were here we ordered that and I wasn’t so pleased with it, guess who’s to sleep tonight? Ah honey I know, but, well, you wasn’t there when Regan testified, yeah South and thank God for that, she really would be dead if Roman Neal had not found her, I mean it was really graphic and he was really, like this insane, suicidal, psychopath almost, really South?” As one taking a stick of bread for buttering it, into ready a sip of wine, had wife Muzit had a hard time getting South Lee to come out as well. “When did you come to that conclusion? Listening to how Rig explained how violent this man became, it was clear he wanted to kill her and would’ve possibly killed himself, ah, did, did kill himself, supposed Herenton thought Rig would drown, I mean he did leave her in a puddle of water where she could’ve done just that? The apologizing, Rig, to his family, what was that all about? It mean she feel particularly the blame, for me Andy it had Phearson Mc Phearson written all over it. I heard you Andy describe him as a god sent, truly he is, as all of you, the Whitehead wives, well I’m going take that as a compliment and show my gracious appreciation Mr. North Lee Whitehead once we’re home, yes madam Mrs. Nefeterri Whitehead. I really regret Regan didn’t actually witness Herenton slip up and fall, that little window right there produce such suspicion regarding how he actually died, all she remember hearing is a loud thud, you think North there could be more? I mean Rig really did suffer severe head injury, maybe she should go under, I’m sorry go under what? That she South should be hypnotize, and I know just the shrink, Barbara, Barbara Coogan, I’ll even call, conference with her, see what she think, so you’re thinking possibly she doesn’t want to remember? Either that or just don’t realize what it is she does know, well, if that, if she did witness it, it will help with Mr. Copeson case, the authorities are anxious with charging him with involuntary manslaughter, it’s like that itch they can’t scratch, but they’re really trying, really. Wait a minute, don’t he have like witnesses up the wause, yea, but if those witnesses Madison are off like 15 or 20 minutes, just that little time, prosecutors could prove probable cause unto involuntary manslaughter, O god, o god, what man, what? Suppose they connect Rigs inability to explain what happen to Herenton, O my heavens, with her covering up for Rome, could she be, could she be covering up for Rome? The coroner said his injuries were consistent with one as in a fall, but that he couldn’t rule out a sudden blow to the head, that North he couldn’t rule it out, not completely no. Then gentlemen that’s it, they think, well, to be honest, they’re possibly pretty sure Rig is covering for him, so the question remain did Herenton fall, or was he helped along the way? Good question South, really good question, yeah now baby bro the answer.” <<<"That is not what I said damn it and you know it! Calm, I will not calm down, they've Mr. Whitehead been twisting what I'm to say for a second day. That's what happens Roman when you forgo your right to be silent and instead agree to give a testimony of your own will. I told you I was in the lobby watching the game with the others guess and employees, how I was there for the duration of that game. Hell nearly everyone there has testified to this fact, thinking I would get some sleep before I was to meet my wife Celeste I went to my room. The first thing I notice was that Regan’s door not only wasn't lock, but it was cracked, now that wasn't all that unite, Regan could've left that hurriedly but not likely, which made me instead do a research after her. Knocking and entering into her room slightly though her bed quarters was emptied of her, her clothes, stockings, even her shoes for that day were all laid out, which again caused alarm. This is when I walked over to her bath room, knocked and asked several times after her, trying a door that wasn't lock did I again ask after her as I eased in. Although with one glance I saw Henry, Herenton laying lifeless to the floor, how blood was everywhere, which scared the living hell out of me. I ran too him, called after him, checked his pulse, when glancing over, out of tear blurred eyes, did I see Regan was also in the floor. Seeing Herenton was dead, dead as in he had no pulse did I scramble mightily after her, she had a pulse but barely and she wasn't breathing. Calling for help did I like you in the beginning think someone had come in on them, for to rob the apartment and found them in the shower together and attacked them, I mean anything else was simply insane. I knew Herenton Egan, he was like a brother to me, to even think for a moment he attacked Regan, raped, beat and nearly drown her to death, how in god's name was that possible? He's telling that identical story again," as one moving off into a set of investigators, was the police parking lot filled of cruises beginning to get wet as it'd started to rain. "He has been since day one and at least ten people put him in that lobby, and in, at that game, I for one believe him. What about the LTT, he refuse and so does his legal council and I don't blame them. Mr. Copeson had no reason to attack his friends, he thought his friends were already under an attack, yeah Morrison, that's if he arrived like he said after the fact and not doing, let him go but retain the right to question him further," <<<"Ok why am I here?" As one lifting a curious hand, gesture into their important conversing, some of the greatest law men not only in America but the world. "Because we were under the impression Mr. McPhearson you loved our sister, what our brother Anderson mean is a soon to be released and as yet terrorized Regan Central is to be lead into a courtroom. It's hearing, she will then be forced to sit on a stand of onlookers and relive Mr. McPhearson all the gory details concerning those horrific hours in that shower, the authorities as North Lee is saying are with purpose at proving whether or not Herenton's death was accidental or because of Regan's form of self-defense. What does it matter? He severely raped her, you see Phearce, that is actually Regan's story, they'll be looking at the fact Herenton was Regan's intended. They’ll want to know whether or not this was just a friendly performance between two consenting adults that got greatly out of hand. You see Mr. McPhearson," with a talented as this Est Wes Anderson sitting atop a conference table across from him again all to Phearson's attention did he find as before was Vincent dreams again right on target concerning Regan elder brothers. "I mean even as we speak Mr. Copeson's testimony, the one who found Herenton and Regan, who actually saved her life, believe it or not this is his second day of testimony, they even want him to take a lie detector test, South Lee is with him, to defend him, even as we speak. Truly how do they know Mr. Copeson, Regan's dedicated roommate didn't discover Herenton attacking Regan, responding violently slaying Herenton himself? Just a picture of how the law work, how Mr. McPhearson they think, it's Phearceson actually, or simply Phearce. What we can't forget here Phearce is that Mr. Lowed had a family, that's parents, siblings refusing to believe their son became this violent, this inhuman and brutally raped and literally killed Regan, his only love and fiancé. It's going to happen and it's going to be as ugly as all of that, I mean if they're to scrutinize Mr. Copeson to this degree just imagine Regan's hearing. Thus our inquiry of whether you Mr., well Phearce want to sit in on the proceeding? I mean for reasons eluding us our sister and our brother South Lee seem to trust you, is that to mean Est Wes you and North Lee here don't? You sure you can take what she'll possibly share? Yes,” as one inhaling into a thick, intense ingestion of uncertainty, even browbeating that he's to endure Regan's greatest trial and gossip. "I wasn't there in her worse hour and have beaten myself unerringly to death as a result, so yes I will handle this. Have Regan Mr. McPhearson shared with you anything concerning that day? Although I spend literally every waking hour with her, Regan has only spoken to be twice, once to thank me for my compassion concerning Herenton. Your compassion? My compassion Est Wes shown one human being to another and earlier this morning, she awaken me and ask if she could sit, cuddle herself into my, sit with me, on my lap, with, we understand. What do you think happen? Foolishness on my part, I knew Regan was spoken for, but I was selfish, I took advantage of the fact she was greatly involved with a T. V. personality, you mean like yourself? In that meeting with her you asked her for something? I asked that she not marry this man as she intended, but that she for a year wait for me as I finalized a marriage and a honey-moon. Excuse me? It would be all for show, as I said it was foolish, selfish. I never took this guy’s feelings into consideration, so in your respect, in that hindsight, you don't believe Regan was actually free to make this decision? I believe in her search for cleavage as she call it she'd promised herself to a man heartily she despised, but the fact remain she promised. So you're saying, since she promised maybe she had no right at changing her mind? Of course North she had a right at changing her mind but where? How? As not to provoke him, to evil you mean?" Sensing a strange, unappreciated clarity was Phearson, McPhearson truly the compassionate fellow who thought himself as responsible for Regan state as Herenton Egan himself. "I know deep in my heart it wasn't possible that Regan nor myself was to consider this man would react so violently, no way feasible and there Mr. McPhearson" did a just as impressed with him, though he wouldn't admit it Est Wes Anderson come into his stand at straightening his slacks into a ready of his suit jacket, "Mr. McPhearson concluded the lesson. No one knew or even imagined something of this magnitude, this demented could happen and thus Mr. McPhearson is why he's referred to as a thief, an atrocious swindler going to and fro about the earth seeking whom he might devour, yes, yes he is that indeed." …Mend I say Mend…
Scene XXI

-We are Miss Whitehead ready when you are, glancing around the small courtroom were there present only those which had to be there, legal teams from both sides, Herenton immediate family, Regan’s immediate family, grief counselors for both sides, the judge, but that wouldn’t make going into these gory details any easier. So,” ingesting a thick nervousness, did an attending Phearson McPhearson quite stunning actually give her like this reassuring smirk. I just start? Yes, just as you desire, ah I was finishing up a few dishes when the doorbell rang, certain it was my meddlesome best friend Celeste, I took my time, when it was buzzed again and again, to my opening the door instead to an unpleasant, ah,” as one feeling the dryness of her mouth along an additional thicken swallow, was she upon request allowed a sip of water. “It was my fiancée Henry, well Herenton, let us note that Miss Regan Whitehead is referring to accused Herenton Egan Lowed, please Miss Whitehead continue. As I said he was upset, charging right in, taking off his coat, hardly saying anything, when he suddenly burst out and said, so who was he? Who, what are you talking about? Some guy, special guy show up at the center today, who was it? “As a law student, I have a part-time position at the local Attorney Offices of Ken and King, it is not Henry as serious as all of that, don’t turn your back on me, grabbing me, spinning me around in his direction, it’d been a long time since I’d seen him this upset, but it pose no alarm the heighten conversation followed me into the kitchen where I was to finished what I was doing. How it is Rig he was able to come there, right into those private offices and all, and I can barely call you? Because he’s Phearson McPhearson Henry and you’re not, what, what hell is that supposed to mean? I’m serious Rig who the hell is this guy, ah I can tell that, as so can this entire floor, will you please calm down. You want something to drink, thinking I would get a glass of tea, water perhaps, did I offer him one as well, is his mockery, or are you just freaking ignoring me? As I said Henry, his name is Phearson Mcphearson, he’s a well known anchor personality, he stopped in to pay me a little visit, that’s all my god that’s all, why you, why is it Rig this guy know you from all the line upon line of women that fancy him? I can’t do this, I have an urgent appointment to get to, I had an interview with one of the topmost firms in New York, even the country, Coogan and Coogan, so Henry, you just gonna have to believe it’s nothing, as it was nothing, and let me get my shower so I can go, no, no, I’m not leaving Rig until we talk about this, one more time who is this guy, why you, why my fiancée? Ok, ok, my god, I’m one of many pen pals of his, ok, he wanted to meet me, he liked some of the things I wrote so, I look up, without warning, the most popular guy, anchor, you know and he’s coming in my door. I don’t get it Rig, aren’t those letters anonymous, how is it he’s too know you Rig, from a dozen of others? Henry, please!” Tapping my watch was I reminding him of the hurry I was in, starting to pull my top over my head I moved into my bedroom, sat to take each shoe, off, you, making ready for a shower did I consider just dressing and going, but there Herenton was right there, prompting me along this line of questioning still. “It was silly I know, but Celeste and I thought it would be fun if I made writing to him, more personal, and he came to meet the woman who was writing him, what he described as lifesaving words. I wasn’t at all pleased that he found me, that he showed up at my place of employment that he needed to leave and all that, and eventually he did, like I told you Henry, nothing!” Making it into the bath, readying a shower, “now can you let yourself out, I really need to shower and go, yeah Rig, sure, I’ll let myself out. I had no reason to think he wouldn’t do exactly that, I completely undressed, and stepped into the waters, when I heard something and just as soon a shirtless Herenton Egan burst into the shower, grabbed me, roughing me about and soon into the wall, ‘what are you doing?” Grabbing my mouth, did he fan really alluring eyes, even a sinister smirk along my nude body, Henry! What is this, ”horrified I’d not seen this side of Henry before, he was cold, calculating even menacing, “you scaring me, able only to mummer, Henry my god you’re scaring me, shut up! Slamming my head quite hard into the porcelain wall, the water falls filling my eyes, my mouth, this is when I begin to realize I was in trouble, that this wasn’t my Henry, beginning to cry, to wipe uselessly, at a slight glance about, especially at Herenton loved ones was it apparent how disturbed they all were, “and I was in trouble, Henry pleaseeeee, pleaseeee don’t this, this, it’s me, look at me, yet hardly able to speak, when his hand wasn’t cuffing my mouth, it was the water falls, he wouldn’t look at me, just my, my, shut up! He slammed my head additionally, I thought he would kill me, I couldn’t believe Henry was acting this way, that he was hurting me this way, “I’m not gonna let him have you, ,with me squealing and tussling hard against him at realizing this is happening, this man is about to, to,” as one again sipping a glass of water, at making no eye to eye contact with anyone, just the chair, the stand, the table, despite how I cried, begged and fought, how I tried to scream and wished Celeste or Rome would come, stop him, with a hand full of my hair at constantly banging my head into the wall, he was doing it, he was about to force himself on me, even in me, I’d not, not, I was saving myself for marriage, for him, this was to be my husband for life, ah my god how was this possible, how was this happening, this man Ioved had gone mad, completely mad. Shhhhhh you know I love you, having fully undress at pressing his, his, hardness against me, all the more horrifying me, I’m doing this Rig because I love you, this is what he’s saying to me, he’s hurting, crippling and horrifying me without description, but he loves me, and I just start praying, that only seem to infuriate him all the more, and just as soon he does it, he takes like the sword, and he push, and he pods, and he cut and he stab, and although my screams are muzzled, I know the entire heavens can hear me, but no one, no not of them comes to my rescue, and soon he breaks in, and he’s jabbing me, and stabbing me, and I finally get one look into his eyes just before he rams my head again and soon after he has spent this time tearing me apart, all I can feel is I’m being released into a puddle of water on the shower floor that’s filling my mouth, my nose and the nothing but soon this loud thud, and the next I know, I’m between an ambulance or a hospital or both, and I’m alive. That’s it, that’s how this inconceivable gentleman I’d known for two years became this monster and horribly, ah god, horribly died doing so, …I’m so sorry,” talking to his stun, crying mom and sister, even Herenton dad, I’m so sorry this happen, if you Miss Whitehead have nothing else to render and have finished your testimony you may step down.” <<<”How did you sit through all of that?” Not saying anything to him for three days since the testimony, not even sleeping in the same room with him, where they all, her family and all concern not just for her, but the unborn. I had to Rig, you had to endure this horror, thus I had to sit through the trying of that impossible to endure. How do you know Phearce whether any of it is true, that this isn’t just some tall tale to cover up two consenting adult wild exploits that ended in a tragic death and unwanted pregnancy? I don’t know anything Rig except what you tell me, and I chose to believe what you tell me, I’m glad you’re talking to me again, it’s really cool today, so gloomy, dull. Look, your mother, brothers been calling, we’re really concern about you, the unborn, Rig, you’ve hardly done anything for three days. Thanks Phearce for that update, that’s all I could think about after the testimony, and now I’m pregnant, and now Phearce, I’m pregnant, if you could really see my mouth, my lips, those were the words forming just beyond on my tongue, and now,” as one getting loud, moving closer to the edge of the balcony, seeing the too and fro of drivers and pedestrians, “And Now I freaking pregnant!!!! Rig, please, don’t freaking come close to me, I don’t need you, I know Phearce you think I do but I don’t, I know, but I Rig need you, can’t you see that? I need you, I came looking for you, because I need you, more now than ever. Rig, please, whatever you think you can’t do for you, for the unborn, do it for me. Please baby do it for me, please, at least eat something, why don’t we just go out, please, for me, for little Henry, little henry? Seeing she’s to ingest hard at realizing, little did she know Phearce knew she called the unborn little Henry, “a movie would be good as well you, yes, Rig, I do, I really do, you must be starved, you have to be starved, I don’t know, I do, let’s just do it, for little Henry huh?” Yes, Rig, for him.” …And Bring Thyself Again…
Scene XXII

-“Will the Carne man ever be back?” Sitting in a hot tub of silky smooth, calming waters getting her hair shampooed just in time for a little TV and bed, was Cadence Nicole really taken with Branch Vincent. “I told you honey his name is Vincent, actually Mr. Vincent to you, and he’ll be back when he come back. I know what that mean, what miss smarty pants, what does it mean? Can I have something to drink, yes, when you’re finished, and that’s may I have something to drink, well captain may I? I miss daddy so much and now the Carne, the, Mr. Vincent is gone and not coming back. Well you dry off with Mr. Bunny and I’ll be right back, can I have milk, no water, but milk, yes and then young lady it’s off to bed.” {{{“Hello,” taking a call just as she’s to exit the bath wondering who was calling her, seeing she get few calls, “is someone there, your nose is bleeding, excuse me, hello, mom, mom! Yes, what? Your nose is bleeding, ah, so it is,” getting to a mirror, as one grabbing tissues like so, not to concern daughter Cadence but she hoped it wasn’t something serious , and that strange phone call just what was that? “Well it’s all gone, I’ll get your drink then I have to get back to work. Now who is this?” With the phone ringing an additional time did she ease in to see just who it was calling, and at this hour. {{{“Hello Mar, what is wrong with the communicator there, I’ve been calling for an hour? I don’t know mar, how you’re doing, how’s dad, everyone is fine, it is your dad who think there’s something suspicious going on with the satellites, that this is why we’re having so much trouble. Dad and his conspiracy theories again huh? Where’s Hahn, he’s there or out with his friends? Surprisingly enough he’s here, you want to talk, wait, hold on, hold, it’s Kyler, she wanna talk, hey Ky, so when am I coming to join you? I got spring break coming up, and I graduate this year you know, I don’t know Hahn, this is New York, you sure you can do New York? That’s what you always say, so where’s baby Iron stein? Just about sleep I’m sure, what about Sky, how is she? You know she’s about to get her doctorate, so that’ll be Dr. Skyler Reinhorn soon, and she’s not letting any of us forget it, yeah that sound like Skyler alright, what is that?” Peeking into the nearest mirror, seeing her nose is to bleed additionally, ah I better go, I think I hear little Iron stein calling, ok, ok, I guess sis I’ll see you spring break, yeah, I guess.”}}} “What is this about?” Mommmmmy, I need you, I’m coming baby, I’ll be right there, just give me a moment, guess who was on the phone? Ahhhh, Hahn, you overheard I see, we better hurry, you find your house shoes, and I’ll find mine, mom, yes, your nose is bleeding again, ah so it is, so it is. ” <<<”What do you think mom, you think I should join Kyler for spring break, to be honest with you son, yes, yes I do, not that I’m honey rushing you off, well there’s that, but is it as well because I think it’s the best experience for you. To be honest mom, Chloe, Mike and Spenser are all contemplating Texas, so I don’t know as yet, it could be New York, it could be Texas, well its good son you have a choice, now choose wisely and clean up this Pigsty. Yeah, “bouncing a lay into bed at answering his communicator, was his friend for now Chloe calling to see of his decision which was yet up in the air. “{{{Don’t ask, because I’m still undecided, look if I go to New York instead would you go with me? What kind of question is that? Maybe I Chloe just want us to spend some time, just you and I, and since when Hahn are we to have that type of relationship? Since now, now right at this moment if you’re to agree, I promise to behave, we can still be just friends, just you and I. Just what Hahn is Mike and Spencer to think of this little twosome of yours? Surely they’re going to feel abandoned, come on Chloe, that’s not an excuse right? They’re big boys, they’ll be just fine, unless you don’t want to part ways with them, to be honest I don’t want to go to New York, sorry, don’t be, that’s fair, completely fair, we need to know like by mid-night, so we can ask Bronze, Bronze huh? Then midnight Chloe it is, talk to you then, yeah, sure, later.”}} Well that went just swell, but at least I got off, now I don’t have to wonder about it or her anymore, I better go shopping for a ticket to New York, boy won’t Ky be surprised.” <<<”Ah, my savior and friend, whatever man, I hope you got a cold bear to drink, I don’t and don’t you be so modest, if it wasn’t for you I’ll be looking for another job. Well it made sense didn’t it, how were they going to take a tragedy and commit an additional tragedy when there could be triumph instead? Man you should’ve seen the look on Al’s face, he was demanding my resignation, they all basically were and here this underwriter was. Here you are Phearce man doing and reminding them of their jobs, that sorrow if we play our hand right can begot victory, I want you there you know, you want me where? When its Regan time, you know to deliver, I want you there, I’m not going to be able to do it alone, all man you know I’m there, good I already told Rig and its fine with her. Did I Vince ever tell you how much I hate your Frig? There’s never anything in it, do you ever eat from your refrigerator, cook on your stove, no, not really, but you knew that, right? So how is it going with you and Kyler? It’s not, {“hello, yes this is Mr. Vincent, you need me to come where? No it just that it all sound a little, about, I don’t know ten minutes away,” as one hunching a shoulder of bedazzlement a curious looking Phearson McPhearson way, it was the local fire station, they had an emergency that involved him, it was all as though someone was playing a joke. “Well if there’s to be no, other, yes, I’ll be right there, yes, yes, that’s ok, just give me like fifteen minutes. Hey you guys aren’t planning a surprise right, I mean you would tell your best bud, right? What is going on? That was the fire department, the east division, Lawson Street, said they have an emergency, they need me to come down as soon as possible. Tell me you guys are playing a joke, I promise I won’t get mad, no joke man I’m serious, unless it’s on me as well, then you’ll come with? Yeah, sure, why not? I wouldn’t miss it.” …Accounted For And Absorbed…

-“I can see it all over your face, so tell me the good news first, I don’t think Regan this is going to be a single birth, excuse, twins, you seem to be carrying twins, ah nall, that’s not possible, maybe you got my ultrasound mixed up, with,” seeing he’s to shake his head disagreeably she was uncertain about one child and he was telling her she’s having twins. “Does multiple birth deliveries run in your family? “No, and the father? Not that I know of, are you Doc, like really sure? I mean I haven’t decided whether I’m to keep this one and you’re suggesting I have two, first we need to calm down right? And second we need to do more test, so have the hubby come in, we set you up for more test and get you home to rest.” <<<“I’m afraid I don’t understand, isn’t this a job for child services? The mother Mr. Vincent left her here, gave us this note, asked us to with all our heart reach you and if you couldn’t be of any service to her daughter then reach her relatives. To be completely honest with you sir, this gentleman here as this witness I’ve known her, and this child barely a month. Well apparently Mr. Enrico, it’s Vincent, Enrico is my middle name, Branch is my first name, your first name Vincent is Branch, I didn’t kn0w that, you want to take her or no? You is all she’s been talking about since she got here, there’s nothing about her mother, or father, just you, Mr. Vincent, the Carne man. Look just take her, make her happy and when she’s asleep in bed reach her relatives, and if that’s not satisfactory, then you get child services involved, ---see? What do you think? I can’t, I’m so shocked, her mother is gone Vince, for some reason we don’t know this baby has an attachment to you, even in you, well you know. I don’t know, heck take her with you, and like the chief say, you can get the family involved later, maybe we get child services involved now. Ok, ok, I know that look, I’ll take her for now, as he say, good, this will make the child happy, Kyler just may have a change of heart and return, I can’t see how this is to be a bad thing, ever, you wouldn’t, it’s not you, you know Ky told me she was having doubts about staying, but I never would’ve suspected this.” <<<”Hello, South, is that you?” Having yet to leave the hospital lobby, had Regan sat around for an hour in a daze now calling for moral support big brother South Lee. “Here you are,” coming to a seat to her, instead of waiting for her call, had her concern prince of a husband arrived just in time. “I was worried when you didn’t call, hello South, Rig, is everything ok? Yes,” leaping up, away for privacy into wondering since Phearson was there should she put the call off until later? “How is everything there? Fine, I’m getting ready to leave, told Muzit I’ll be there shortly, how are the others? Everyone is fine, well have you and Phearce decided whether you’re coming here for the holidays, it’s been a while Rig, we really need to see you guys. I really haven’t talked to him about it, but as soon as I do, you promise, we haven’t seen you since court, and what about your friends? I know, tell everyone I said hey, and that I possibly will see them soon, I love you Rig so much and miss you just as much, you sound a little stressed, is that why you called? No, just passing the time, I’ll talk to you again soon.”}}} “What is going on? I’m ok, I just wanted to talk to South while I waited, can we go? So we got a good report or not? Yes and no,” getting out to the car, did Regan Central know calling South would send up red flags all over, that all wasn’t alright. Ok, ok, yes and no, if there’s no problem Rig, why you called South, how did I know you would ask that? And the answer? I don’t want to talk about it, I’m tired, hungry, I just want to get home, ok, we stop and get something to eat and we get home, and when you’re ready to talk, you know. They want us to come to New York for the holidays, they’re really not pleased that they haven’t seen me since forever, so I told South we would talk about it. You think you’re ready, to face him, to face Roman? The only reason I asked Rig is I know that is what you’re asking yourself, since you sweetie know that, how am I answering myself? Ah, that’s easy, you can’t run from him forever, its official my stunning husband, Phearson Mcphearson reads minds and I think that’s a good thing. For now, only for now.” …A Sharp, Eerie Silence In My Shadow's Blood.…
Scene XXIV

-{{{“Hello Mrs. Shrew, this is Vincent, ah Vincent, how special, that daughter of mine keep telling me she’s to bring you for to meet me and I keep waiting. I’m afraid I have some news, Kyler is gone missing, missing? I don’t understand, I’m afraid none of us do, she left Caddy with the local authority to my care and there’s been nothing since. Well how long are we talking about? Wait here’s Mike, I’ll let him explain it to you, hello aunt Bess, Mike, how long you been there? A week possibly, so what is going on with Ky, that’s just it aunt Bess, she’s gone, like Taylor just disappeared, we found a note from her only hours ago, but nothing else, you know. I don’t understand,” as one beginning to hear the emotion in her voice, it was considered a suicide, Kyler husband, Taylor, but to be honest, his body was never recovered. “She seem so happy the last I spoke with her, said she was for a certainty in love, so I, we need to come, help you all search for her or what? I don’t aunt Bess see what good that will do, we’re doing all we can and I’ll keep you abreast to any news. What is this about her leaving Caddy with that strange man? Strange he may be, but Caddy is really attached to him, I’ve seen nothing like it, I don’t think she was this close to her own father. So Let’s say we give it a few more weeks and if there’s still nothing, I’ll have you bring her home, yes madam, well let me call family so those Mike who do believe can be in prayer. I’ll call you again just as soon, yes, madam, I love you all, we love you too Mike, be well}}}. I can’t believe how well she’s taking all of this, yes, she is taking it quite well, she’s an amazing little girl anyway, so what are you having for dinner? How about Subsy, your favorite? Yes, always, Subsy? I don’t think, it’s a sandwich shop, yes, you get to have them your way, ahhh, my way, I think I’m falling in love, I knew you would, I just knew it.” >>>“You’re really quiet today,” having cuddled upon the sofa into one the others arms were they both heavy with eye popping news laying them both quite still, truly were they to speak now or forever hold their peace. “Kyler, Vince new friend, it seem Rig disappeared after leaving a suicide note, ah god please don’t tell me that, I know, I didn’t want to, I been laying here babe trying not to. Before I got back to you, we were at the fire station of all places, seeming the suicide note included them and her dying efforts that Vince end up with custody of her daughter. Excuse me!” Bringing her up shockingly into a face to face awareness of him and what he was saying, how bizarre that he was saying it, how unbelievable. “I know Rig how it sound and all, there is no body as of yet but I was right there, I heard them tell him her dying wish was that her daughter go to him, and if not him, then to her relatives. My god,” springing up this visible sore straight through, what was the world coming too, and how long before the Supreme put an end to it all? I can’t tell you Phearce how sad that made me, how it just breaks my heart in two, I mean was Vince that good or are her parents that horrible? I know, I know, I haven’t been able to shake it, and this little girl, she’s crazy about Vince, it’s as though she has known him and trusted him her entire life. They’ve Rig only just met and he’s like a father to her, perhaps not having a body is a good sign, that she just need time away to think, that she just might come to her senses. Well honey I have remarkable news as well, not as remarkable as all of that, but Pearce remarkable still, Dr. Tracky seem to think I’m having twins. Twins?” Sitting him right up this happy sort, what was heart-dropping news for her as usual was simply fascinating news for him. “My word Rig, that mean it’s going to be one for me and one for you, there’s something I been meaning to tell you, I’ve asked Dr. Tracky to help me with closed adoption plans, you what? I don’t understand, I know you don’t and it just can’t be helped, can’t be helped, who are you Rig and where is the woman I loved and vowed myself to accordingly? Why did you pretend we had this all settled if this is how you really felt? I never Phearce said it was settled, you just assumed it was, this was the, the problem I had with Herenton, I wanted to put my career before having a family, I Phearce yet feel this way. This, this is how you tell me? You act as though there’s another way to tell you what you Phearce don’t want to hear ever, good night Rig, don’t, don’t be, I wish you would stay and talk to me, about what? I’ve told you Rig in every way I can how I feel about you, about this pregnancy, how it can be an astonishing start for us both. I have an early morning, well actually we both do, I told Vince we would be there early to help with Caddy, so in the shower and off to bed for me, goodnight.” >>>”No she’s asleep now, but Momma, what am I going to do with a child, especially a little girl? You’re figure it out son, you always do, I can’t tell you how proud I am of you, what a charitable undertaking quite astonishing, well if I can do anything to help don’t hesitate to call, yeah Mom, thanks.”}}} {{{“Hey Vince, I was just readying to call you, you’re not reneging on tomorrow are you because I tell you that’s the only glimmer of hope I truly have. No, I’ll be there fair and square, so how is fatherhood, I’m not a father and thanks to the supreme she’s fast asleep, she ate a good meal, took herself a good bath, she’s really independent that way. I can’t get over her mother doing that to herself and leaving this precious child behind you know, well biting my tongue to say, it could’ve been worse, if you know what I mean. Is this my fault? Your, fault? Yeah, maybe I should’ve been around more, a stranger and her daughter came to town and it’s your fault, I think Kyler had this planned all along, that coming here was a detour at bringing Caddy to you, you know you going to have to explain that right? Yeah I know, tomorrow, you get some sleep, I can’t imagined how tedious it’s to be taking care of a four year old. Well I’m going to call the relatives tomorrow, let them know what happen, get their help deciding what to do next. Just Vince you remember, for some reason Kyler didn’t want Caddy with them, so much so she moved thousands of miles away and left her beloved daughter to a stranger. I know, I’ve considered all of that, see you bright and early in the morning, yeah, look, tell mom to be Rig I said goodnight, yeah Vince, you know I will.”}}}

…He Is Those Fallen In Love, I Heard You So Well…
Scene XXV

-“So how did it go?” Well,” as one getting back into the car fastening his seat belt having left Cadence Nichole at her favorite daycare, had mother Kyler planned things well. “It would seem Phearce there is a grandmar Nicey, as so an Uncle John, upon which I think is grand-Mar and Par, there is a Century, perhaps both an uncle, as so is there a Tennsyson, female possibly an Aunt, and the one described by Caddy as being the most like her mom. There is no threat to her by these people, she think highly of them all, so, ---so it’s as Rig said, and what did Rig say, I said I think Kyler did things this way not so much to bring Cadence to her relatives but to you, I think this is an attempt to introduce you to Caddy’s people. What?” Feeling his weight pulling at her seat that he’s to get a better look, even a better feel of what she was saying, even the implication of what she was saying. “I don’t think I, for some reason Vince she thinks you’re good for her daughter, that her daughter is good for you, which is obvious, but what’s not obvious is what is good for you waiting at Kyler’s home town? Ok Phearce, so how does a woman who only a few weeks ago didn’t know me from Adam, make these kinds of plans for him, regarding him and her estranged daughter? Well just so you guys know, I’ve decided not to keep her, yeah well we kind of figured that, but so did Kyler, which give more credence to what Rig is saying, that you’re possibly being set up. Setup for what? Don’t tell me Kyler came all this way, planned a suicide, abandoned her daughter to me all for a blind date with her sister, and what on earth for, clearly why me? Have you Vince ever donated, donated, what are, sperm, were you ever a sperm donor? You think that’s what this is? Anyway I’ll be at attempts at reaching them all through the day, when Vince they’re only one phone call away I bet ya. You thinking Rig what I’m thinking, that the reason Caddy keep describing her aunt as the one like her mother is because they’re perhaps twins, and possibly the match made in heaven Vince really saw? Look, thank you guys for all your help, at least I think,” seeing he’s to exit their car to his car, “I have a lot of traveling, Washington State, thank you guys for getting Caddy for me, yeah Vince,” was a charismatic Branch Vincent not hearing these eerie scenarios of theirs. “Would you Vince be very angry at me if I say what just happen with Caddy changes things, I don’t think I want to consider adoption after all, you going back to the house or straight to class? I hurt you and I’m sorry please accept my apology, I don’t think I can live with you giving me the silent treatment. I’m more concern about Vince than I’m letting on, I don’t know if he should go at this alone, I sense he’s in danger, what you think? You think he’s to let you tag along? To be honest Rig I think he’s to welcome it, then drop me at the house to my car and call me from the airport, we can Rig act as though it never happen, this adoption thing, what adoption thing? Perfect, that’s what you are you know, perfect, when a husband is right, a husband is right. I don’t know Rig, sometimes Vince can be really stubborn, well,” as one grabbing her things ready to get out, was Regan Central pretty certain Branch Enrico Vincent would more than welcomed his company. “I’m pretty sure he’ll be thrilled to have you alone, just go, do it, and I see you two in time for dinner, you really think this could be about donations, even Vince participating in various laboratory studying for cash? It could easily be that Kyler knew who he was all the time, Vince a birth father for real, man how wild is that? I hope she know what she’s talking about, I’m talking to myself I know, but what’s the worse that can happen except he send me back, I’ll just see Rig sooner than to be expected. {{{Phearce here,” peeking into his side view mirror at advancing into an alternate lane, advancing further was he at least twenty minutes away from the airport. “So how long before you get here? Wait a minute, did Rig call you? No, I just strongly sensed you want to tag alone, you strongly sensed huh? What time is the flight? Man I still don’t believe this, it’s so unreal I keep waiting to wake up in the hospital additionally, actually this is too weird to be a dream if you know what I mean, yea see you in a few, yeah, in a few.”

… A Cup Of Trembling, Overflowing And Spilled.…
Scene XXVI

-“We don’t understand, it’s as simple as that, why isn’t Caddy with you? We,” as one glancing confusingly Phearson own waywardness at realizing arriving in Washington State without Cadence Nicole was a bit unnerving. “It’s plain Mr. Dante wanted to meet you, all of you first hand, the way your sister, Kyler isn’t my sister, she’s my cousin, but your likeness, and Caddy isn’t my niece, she’s my daughter, tell the officers they may come in. Officers, what is, what is happening Mr. Dante or whatever the hell your name is, Cadence Nicole was taken from us over two years ago, it would seem our dear cousin because of our belief, or the lack thereof thought us unfit and just went to her daycare one day posing as me and just took her. They say they have my daughter,” seeing the officers come right in bringing hand cuffs, looking to arrest them on suspicion of kidnapping, and child endangerment. “Look what I, we just told you was the honest to God truth, we only meet Kyler like a few weeks ago, well Mr., Dante, it’s just Dante, if what you’re saying is true it won’t be at all hard to prove, ok, ok, but are the handcuffs necessary, Miss Rus’sell, yes I’m right behind you, Ctentri, yes, I’m coming as well. I can’t believe this, can you believe this, look, calm down we’ll have this straighten out in no time, we can even call Rig, get her to bring Cadence right alone, for some reason Phearce, I started to feel we were in trouble the moment this Tennyson person admitted Kyler was only a cousin. Well so much for Rig’s theory huh?” I don’t know, I wouldn’t count these allegations of hers off the beaten path just yet, this Tennyson person talked of Kyler being uneasy at their belief, even panic, yeah enough Phearce to kidnap a child, but why me, what is it I have to do with this? That my buddy O pal is now the million dollar question.” <<<”I’m coming as fast as I can,” getting to a door bagging literally off its hinges, did an alarmed as this Regan Central wonder what was the big urgency. “Who is it? The police, yes, Mrs. McPhearson? Yes, yes I am, we understand you have a child here by the name of Cadence Nicole, yes, ah what is this about? We have a warrant here for both you and the child, excuse me, am I under arrest, no, not really, but we will need you to escort us to the precinct, we will explain better once we’re there, …the child? Yes, I’ll get her, we were just about to sit down for dinner as you can see, the child was left here by her mother, yes madam, like I said this will all be made clear in no time.” <<<”Well? Well Miss Rus’sell, it would seem their story pan out, from the fire station, to the police station, that upon a suicidal request by the allegedly mother the child was placed in the care of Mr. Branch Dante Enrico Vincent, I knew, I just knew it, those guys are just too, too, you know, ah, ah, ---ah what Ctentri, too trustworthy, yeah I bet trustworthy. So when do I get my daughter, she’s being escorted here even as we speak, your daughter Miss Rus’sell is coming home. I guess I need to thank them, yeah it would seem they did right by you and your daughter. You guys mind if I ask you something, no, of course not, you two leaving so soon? The trip had served its purpose, so, are you two a couple? That is my question, a couple of what? A couple, a two-some, you know, no, Phearce here is actually married with a child on the way? What, you believe in that sort of thing? I’ve been praying, you know, that the lord send me someone, someone like yourselves, surely this isn’t a coincidence. No, no it’s not that, but it’s not what you think either, you say you been praying, to whom have you been praying? Phearce? What?” Ctentri here asked a question, now I’m asking one, God, God in heaven, what you two don’t believe in Him or what? It was nice Ctentri meeting you, if you’re ever in New York, you know how to find us, sure, I just may take you up on your offer. I want to thank you, for bringing my daughter back to me, well just don’t forget Kyler had a lot to do with that, yeah well you guys have a good flight, yeah you too. He like me, I can tell, Vincent you mean? And I like him, what, since when do you Tenny like guys? We know Troy was a way to conceal your true preference, so what Cen, we like the same guys, that’s not the first it’s to happen, yeah, but sis if I had my way it would indeed be the last, he is a god sent indeed.” …Today Thou Begun A Voyage Into The Bewitching Hour…

-“Earth to South Lee, ah you guys I’m sorry, ah Rig called me yesterday, said she was ok, but she didn’t sound ok, will you pass the soup? Soup and salad, by the time you’re finished with all of this, there’s no room for nothing else, ah, speak for own self. Anyway I persuaded her to visit for the holidays, and, and Andy I don’t know, so she as yet agreed to go under, hypnosis, I don’t know if that’s a good thing or know, I know, that testimony yet give me chills, how do you sit in front of all those people and tell them such horrors, and then North apologize like you did something wrong?’ Yeah but doesn’t that sound just like Rig, yeah, and this husband of her, talking god sent, my God, he is so incredible with her and for him, yeah kinda make me wish I’d held out for more, ah, you do know your hunky, adorable husband is sitting right here, I thought he was in the rest room for sure. How did Rig say they meet, or this really you must be from heaven type of scenario? All I saw about this guy is perhaps God does really answer prayes, I mean he came to Rig’s rescue, only through this guy. If you know what I mean? Hum, that’s a wise way Andy of looking at it, at him, this, as our wives say, god sent.” >>>” My goodness,” looking up from his drink at the bar did a cheerful Vincent Dante find himself face to face with an astonishing thing. “I see you made it to New York, yeah, I see you remember, --Ctentri right, yeah I remember, I thought I would take you up on your offer. Just how did you find me? Ah,” having glanced curiously around the night club soon seeing a kind wave of Phearson McPhearson, did he get up, with this guess following, to join him. “I thought you told me you would never be caught dead in this place again, well Vince I guess you can say I’ve done a lot of dying since. I had to bring Ctentri here to you, he said he felt lead of the Lord, even the spirit, that he couldn’t let you Vince get away. It’s not of God, …what?” Having a smile of uncertainty to whether Vincent was talking to him or Phearson, did he rub a nervousness as this into his slacks, along a defective glance into them both. “What you’re seeking Ctentri, it’s not of God and if Holy Spirits did indeed lead you here, that’s what I’m supposed to tell you, actually we, it’s what we’re to tell you. What make you, how, why are you so certain? You’re talking about same sex relations right, courtships, marriages? There’s only one god Ctentri that can give you what you’re searching for and it’s not the God of heaven, not unless He’s to abandon His own will for mankind, even this Christ Lord, Jesus. You ever heard of the Genesis, of Adam and Eve? of course, I know about God ancient of years ago creating one man, -and that one man Ctentri not just male and female, but husband and wife, you have to then realize this is God’s will for mankind despite the passage of time, male and female, husband and wife. Yeah, yeah, you think I haven’t heard this all before, ok Ctentri, what is sin? What you mean what is sin? All unrighteousness is sin, but who’s to say, sin is a transgression against the righteousness of God, and same sex relations fit under the banner of fornication, right? Unless you’re married, ---if it’s not, if Ctentri it’s not of God how will you ever justify it marriage or not? People are allowed to transgress against God every day, twenty-four hours a day, it doesn’t mean it’s justified by God, but that man, like God is free to practice his own will, he’s even free to kill and die but after this, --I know, I know, reaping what’s sown, the judgment await. Though if sodomy can never be justified, not only is it fornication that is a transgression against the body, the very body Holy Spirits want to take and make into the temple of God unto the Paradise of God. The temple of God Ctentri is where God in all of his glory, power and mercy dwell, it’s the Christ citing, destroy this temple and in three days it shall be rebuild. Yeah, it’s what the Supreme Christ was describing to the Samaritan woman, how the cathedrals and the temples and churches and congregations would all be done away with. That for whatever purpose they served would now be performed individually within each believer’s heart, now serving God in Spirit and Truth and where not even the gates of hell could now prevail. But, but, it’s not possible, talk about away with the middle wall of partition, the entire assembly would, I know, like Jesus, they would fight us to the death, but without prevail. No, no still, what you’re saying that would make us like god, more like the Christ Lord, who was God manifested in the flesh. My Jesus in heaven,” displaying a gasping sigh at being bedazzled along falling back into his seat, of all he was seeing and hearing. Truly, the very implication, the sure glory, even divinity of what he was seeing, two of the most gorgeous men in the world, most of all what he was hearing. “Even guys if what you’re saying is true, I couldn’t do it, no, none of us can, as you say, do it, it’s why we have to surrender. It’s why Ctentri we have to lay down our arms so to speak that they’re to do it, God’s will through us. You must be born again, ah Jesus is Christ,” as one passing away into a blank awareness at quoting this especial Christ of them all, at thinking what indeed had he got himself into, indeed who were these guys? “Yes, but most of all Ctentri you must be willing, willing because the Supreme Heavenly host cannot, and the emphasis Ctentri is on can’t, they cannot go against your free will. Only as you reconcile with them, and yield your will forthwith do they then by a spiritual intervention inexpressible begin to shape your heart, unto your mind, unto your soul into a holiness of the Lord Father Supreme, yeah the only sacrifice the Holy Lord will not despise. It make sense, flesh and blood, sin, cannot inherit, this is why they hated him so, but they only got a glimpse of what you guys are telling me now, yeah, but even this indication of God’s form of righteousness Ctentri jeopardized and imperiled all things they’d believed and taught since father Abraham. And, and, what make you, how do you, what make you guys so sure? It’s the truth, the truth according to the living and righteous word of God, it is this greatest testament of all at God’s will for the spiritual will of mankind. We haven’t Ctentri told you anything that isn’t according to the living word, just ask yourself, what is God’s will for not only this life, but mostly for your eternity? As you just quoted, if flesh and blood can’t inherit God’s Kingdom, then how does flesh and blood then transform to Holy Spirit, how does sinful flesh become Holy? The Supreme Christ born of a free will, tempted at all points inherited God’s Kingdom because he gave over his will to the will of God. Yeah it happen to me right here, well not right here, up there, sitting at that bar, coming here was everything and all things. It was like clockwork, my favorite thing of all to do, then all of a sudden this particular night I saw things in a light. In a revelation if you will like I’d never seen it before. I know Vince I never told you this, but I suddenly glanced about the entire club and I said to myself, all these people are going to hell, and I’m going with them. I didn’t know it then, but it was a breaking through of the illusive veil pulled over our sense of spiritual awareness from our mother’s womb and now like you Ctentri I begin to know and to accept and believe what was made known to me. That’s why you abandon the club, yes, that‘s why, this belief didn’t come easy, the truth was like stabbing knives all over and through, because I didn’t want it to be true. I didn’t want the will I treasured so to be hostile to God’s will, even a hatred and a rebellion, but there it all was. There, in the Supreme’s living word, forget choosing the will of a perverse lifestyle, though from my mother’s womb, I was a transgression against God as all are, cursed. So you guys are saying this is what has brought me to New York, to you two? We’re saying this, as you say is the Holy Spirits will for all mankind, they will not Ctentri leave you ignorant therein, again, God’s will, that mankind, all of them, us, is to dwell in the house of this Lord Father forever, which is why He himself hath put on pure flesh and sacrificed it according to a lamb lead to the slaughter.”

…Collaborating With Time's Duration On Its Intended Cower…

“What is going on? Well she’s coping a lot better I assure you, so what’s the big emergency? Tell me the truth, the last I saw you two, well there was obvious friction. Ok, if you insist, Rig was contemplating adoption, giving the unborn up and what have you, though this thing with you and Caddy changed all of that. You’re on the pretense Phearce it never crossed your mind, that living with a child that’s to remind you constantly of Rig’s violent attack? That it isn’t to place unwarranted pressure on the relationship, let alone Phearce the marriage? What are you talking about? If I said what’s with Rig and I isn’t a little sweet and bitter event I’ll be lying, but that’s life Vince, no, what’s going on inside of Rig right now is this extraordinary event, I’m sure Vince once the child is born, it will be even more this miracle. Miss Rus’sell called me today, this morning, just as I arrived at work, are you serious, what did she want? Ah she gave me quite a tongue licking, ok, poor choice of words, she wanted to know, what’s that horrible thing we said to her brother, what give us the right? How it’s virtually defective that we’re to enforce our sickening beliefs on her impressionable brother. There Phearce, right there I asked her, who was the greatest threat to her brother the God of heaven or the god, Satan’s seat of this world? What did she say to that? Nothing for a long time, I even thought she’d hung the communicator in my face, then suddenly she said, you guys just stay the hell away from my brother. I reminded her, it was her brother that came to us, and not we to him, he was looking for God, but he was doing it in all the wrong places, this evil carnal world, instead of a sincere to penitence heart, then she hung up in my face. I send him that Paris Globe article, ‘Blood Farmers,’ are you, man if that doesn’t get you, as I Vince as well sent him ‘A Man Went Out To Sow.’ This mean if he and sis are really close, he’ll probably share them with her, so don’t be surprised if she come gunning for you next, literally. Speaking of gunning for me, for us, I had this dream last night where we, we as in the Church-bride, were all under attack, that those resisting us were kicking our doors in coming after us, that doing this entire forced entry I had this single concern, I didn’t have the right shoes on my feet for fleeing, in other words Phearce, I didn’t have on my running shoes. I, I, I keep Vince having dreams about war, about plans for war being made, I even wanted to go to the communicator and see, search out just how war on America’s soil would be like you know. Then the Holy Spirit start describing how most people would simply run for the border, Canada, the Mexican bothers, others who could, those with boats would flock to the Caribbean, you know things of that nature. When I awaken the other morning, I could swear Vince there was a form of air assault, of star wars going on right overhead, just outside the window, but Rig said she didn’t hear anything and soon the sound dissipated. I still don’t know if whether it was low flying jets, or dreams and images of what’s to come, I saw the church bride arrival in heaven, excuse me, in the dream it was her, this Tennyson person, but at the same time it was the church bride, she was arriving at exactly 3:00 in the am. Ahhh, man, I know, its crazy right? So this Caddy deal, it was steering Ctentri along the righteous path and that’s it or is there other analysis to consider, even render? You’re talking about Tennyson? You have to remember Vince Ctentri did have some belief and love in his heart after the Supreme, he’d just been following the wrong doctrine, his own will. Though Tennyson, and I know Vince all things are possible with the Supreme, I mean at us, the only way to possibly trust it is if she come to you. And you think she will? If she’s to seek the supreme will for her life, and think with Ctentri determination to be the righteousness of the Supreme Father, it’s possible, you Phearce say, wait, how long? I mean the only thing I can think about is how you went after Regan Central, yes, but Rig and I were, she thought herself in love with me, yeah, yeah and I Vince think myself in love with Tennyson, ah god, are you serious? Yeah, I actually find myself burning with needing and wanting her, that’s the way it was in the dream, I couldn’t keep myself off of her, though I knew I had too, you know. Look tell Rig she’s right, I don’t know if it’s to have anything to do with Caddy, but I did doing college participate in various scientific studies that involved sperm testing and counting, ah my god I knew it, I knew it! Yeah, whatever that was Phearce man,, but we signed papers that forbid any test involving fertilization or reproduction, yeah that’ll prevent any sperm tampering, how much you want to bet Kyler or even Tennyson possibly worked as medical assistants doing that same time, which is why and how they know you, how this been plan for some time., it’s Crazy Vince I know, but no more crazy that what’s happening right now, so you’re saying Caddy through some lab tampering could be my biological daughter, yes, just think it answers a lot of questions, yeah Vince, even your million dollar one.”


… En Route For Eternity Art My Love Gone Deep…
Scene XXIX

“Then just how it Mr. McPhearson you know Miss Regan Whitehead? Miss Whitehead, well Regan is a special friend of mine, isn’t it true she is much more than a friend, but is considered to be your wife? Yes, yes we do by the Juttah Vows consider ourselves husband and wife, tell the court Mr. McPhearson how long have you known Miss Whitehead, personally less than a couple of months, but correspondently over a year. Will you Mr. McPhearson care to explain what that is to mean, correspondently? Well, Regan and I have been communicating by fan mail over a year, so I guess you can say it’s love at first love letter,” seeing and hearing how those in attendance are to find his description as mesmerizing as they all found this alluring gentleman himself. “We are Mr. McPhearson trying to understand how is it Miss Whitehead is married so soon after her alleged fiancée, Mr. Herenton Lowed’s death? Well at night instead of Regan and I climbing into bed, we climb into one another, we’re consumed there of each other, dissolved and intertwined permanently, please don’t misunderstand, we haven’t been intimate. Regan is not ready to share that part of herself, no this manner of flaming intimacy and thorough attachment is explained by Regan Central as being cleavage, that one thing all human hearts seek after, to be completely, or to dissipate our sore vulnerability at being thoroughly and unequivocally merged. That’s Ladies, Sirs, addicted to this significant other not only passionately, but emotionally, romantically and by the mercy and grace of God spiritually, heart, blood and soul, it’s true you lose all that you are, which is why love is made in comparison to death, but what indeed an enchanting dissolution. This is the relationship the Supreme Father seek of His creation, too take them into His Loving Bosom and pleasure them there for-er-ver, it’s the fitting together the unborn has in the sacred, warm womb of its mother. It’s what the Christ lord was describing to Jerusalem, when He talked about gathering them into Himself, like a hen does covering her chicks into her wings. It’s why once a person fall in love it’s permanent, their heart just suffered this twin intervention so long-lasting, I know all manner of corruptions are to steer them to useless alternates, pride, lust and fear, especially fear. These are the phenomena confidences Regan Central would share with me, and I failingly and even faintingly with her, I’d never heard of such things, but honestly did my heart ache and bleed to have this as so this indescribable cleavage. Truly if this woman truly existed I had to find her, and if and when I found her I would treasure her for all this life and the eternal to come, never letting her go, the Juttah Vows, which are more Holy Spirit, than the ordinances of man nailed to Christ’s Cross, lead captive again by him, allowed us to do exactly that. Sincerely I tell you, I’m her heart’s blood now, she is mine, prick either of us, we both suffer simultaneously, not Sirs, Ladies a fairytale, but indeed a deity-tale, I’m sorry, deity-tale? God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, man’s is a curse of death, Jesus is the only one that become a curse for mankind, that like Him, through Him, the emphasis is on Through Him, though we die, yet shall we for all eternally with God be made alive. “Well,” as one showing himself somewhat putout, off, as was apparent, did he with a manner of uncertainly approach the bench, “will there be anything else, ah to render? No, I believe I said everything, then Mr. McPhearson the bailiff will lead you back to the Judges quarters, your honor, these proceedings are recessed until 1 O’clock. “So,” seeing a stunning Regan Central is to be released into these offices as well, at him performing himself so excellently did she without hesitation run straight into his breast, his neck, and alluring scent. Hey, heyyyyy,” trying to get her to lift her head to him, with her refusing, he knew she was stunned at his testimony, for he, himself was stun, “heyyyyy look at me,” a gentle kiss to her soft, perfumed top of her head, could he tell she was crying, that if she didn’t stop, with his nose already tingling, his throat, would she make him cry as well. “Come on sweetheart, you making me cry, I can’t believe you did that, I did what, told them the truth? They had to know Rig there was nothing malicious or immoral going on with us, just this inconceivable beyond earth and heaven affairs of matrimonial. Knock, knock,” seeing a pretty pleased brother South Lee is to come in, with just as pleasured brothers North Lee and Est Wes Anderson taking up the rear, seeing how she’s literally clung to Phearson still, “is she alright? Ah just a little shell shock, hell Phearson, Phearce, genius, your highness, I’ll call you whatever young man you want me too after that testimony. Phearce Anderson is just fine, I, look, all I did was pour my heart out, yes, yes you did, and you young lady?” Having her head yet buried into him that at a touch of her shoulder did she spring up, to light and life, hugging each of them as well. “This is some amazing man, ah husband you have here, yes,” as one clearing her throat, her nose and cheeks like so, yet gripping his hand did she move more again into Phearson side, “that’s what I been trying to tell you guys, well we’re free to go, you are Phearce and we want to know if you two will have lunch with us? There is something Rig we would like to discuss with, something like what? How about Lunch? Yeah, sure.”

Recover Thy Beloved Again
Scene XXX
“We can’t have anything good here, excuse me, ---pleaseee Cad eat something, pleaseee, arggggg she’s been like this since they brought her. All she does is stand in the window, sometimes with tears streaming down her face looking, ---looking for what? I don’t, know, how am I Ctrenti supposed to know, him I guess, and by him? Him, the Carne man, I think that’s what she call him, Dr. Vass says it will all pass, but I don’t know Ctrenti, I just don’t know, I think sis you do know, you just, you know, I just what? It’s him, it’s this Vince guy, even this Phearson McPhreason, …after the way they treated you, they didn’t mistreat me,” as one forcefully getting up to the sink, scraping his plate, sipping the rest of his cup, thinking what’d he’d learn from them in only a short space some couldn’t learn, wouldn’t learn in a lifetime. “They told me the truth, even Tenny you, us, I think they were once lovers, you, yes, then something changed for them, gave them a knowledge, even a revelation concerning the things of God, very rare. Anyway we can’t have anything good here, that’s what I was murmuring just as you started pulling your hair out and screaming, I still have my hair thank you. Nothing Tenny that’s to last you know, everything we attempt to accomplish here isn’t only temporal living on blood power and thus man power, it’s dangerous, even lethal as disaster lie in wait for it and us all. They tell us and even teach us to have like this good life, only it isn’t a good life, it’s the curse it has been from the beginning and the only thing we can best hope for is a good death. Of course even that is questionable when you consider the Christ’s teaching, as the only way to have a good death is to die in this atoning Christ where life immortal truly await. So you see Tenny it’s all this gigantic lie, this colossal illusion, this imitation of immortal life and what’s so extraordinary is, we know it. We know all mankind’s faith is a death penalty with a second death pending every time we say peace and safety. I asked Mack, Mackenzie to marry me, you what! “You heard me,” thinking he’s to get on the communicator, do like the most important research of his life, the Juttah Vows, even the African Juttah, even the Sia Juttah. “Do you know how crazy that sound? To you Tenny yes, but I’ve known Mack all my life, she has always been so special to me, the Supreme has given me a mate, I have very little doubt it’s someone other than, than Mackenzie. Ctrenti, you have to be sure about, my god,” abruptly astonished at moving him with her aside from the baby as not to distract her, but was Cadence Nicole finally eating. “She’s eating, I can’t believe it, Dr. Vass was right, look all I’m saying is marriage is a serious step, as serious Tenny as when I was contemplating Phil, right? Don’t worry, she haven’t said yes, she’s uncertain and with me wanting to do the Juttah vows, the Juttah vows remind us Tenny how the vows of matrimonial, the intercourse thereof we’re to make is with God. As so with His Christ and with his mankind, those things which are very sacred to Him, anything abnormally opposite His will He will not tolerate but will come against it with wrath and toil. And all this Ctrenri from a single conversation with those guys? Actually it was more like finally answering the knocking on one’s hearts door by the Supreme’s Christ promising to come in and sup with you and you with him, I sat with Holy Spirits that night and rose anew Tenny, and rose anew. Anyway, speaking of Phil, I tried to explain things to him, he’s too angry right now, too disappointed I guess, he can’t believe I let these guys, well what they say change me so. To be honest I was never Tenny comfortable with the relationship, he’ll get over it, right? Look at you, what a big, gigantic girl you are, we go and see Mr. Vincent now, Mr. Phearce and Regan? Is that what you want? It’s what I always want, why you like Mr. Dante so much? He’s Mr. Mr. Vincent and he’s in my dreams,” as to glance off solemnly that she’s to consider mightily what aunt Tenny was saying, even asking did she remember. “In my dreams he is daddy, we have so much fun, he take me to the carnival, we have so much fun …and who is momma, in your dream? No mommy, only, only, you aunt Tenny and, and, daddy, but it’s not daddy, its Mr. Dante, right? Right, and I am, aunt Tenny, but who am I really? Mommy, right?” Bringing herself a smooch into her forward, an intense hug of her, this was the one thing Kyler had done right, she always told Cadance who her mother really was. “Do you Tenny believe? Believe? I believe a lot of, believe that the worse threat to mankind’s continuation, isn’t simply satanic, demonic and political rule, and mankind faithful worship therein though it’s the one thing that has brought mankind to the brink of extinction once before, it is that threatening him all over again, God’s wrath toward the destruction of the wicked. Who or what is it Tenny that teach children, teens about their immortality? About their, not that they’re superhuman, but in order to truly understand the curse we’re to understand how we’re immortals housed by temporal flesh, that death is only the beginning of the immortal awaiting just beyond this secular border line. My, how, what made you think of that? That’s, that’s amazing, I never Ctentri in a million years would’ve considered that, and you’re right that would be an unimaginable curse. The working of the flesh Tenny we control, but the immortal released of this human casing at death, let’s just say it’s what the prophet mean when he declared without ceasing, the soul that sin shall die. And just what Ctentr is that to mean?” Having to raise her voice as he made this his expert exit, they didn’t have to consider biblical things too long as they’d been raised under their mother’s faith though had they despised it all. “Well since Tenny we’re born sin, the only way to die sinless is to be born-again, the only way to be born again, is by the blood of the Lamb of God, Jesus, repenting, and reconciling ourselves therein, thereby again a penitent heart.”

…I Beseech Thee …
Scene XXXI
“I don’t know if I told you but the entire day of the day I awaken again to this reality it was this day of back to back feelings of Déjà vu. I just couldn’t shake it and I can’t tell you how disturbing it all was, now I know it was the Holy Spirit’s way of informing me how it wasn’t real, you know, how it just wasn’t reality. How something unimaginable had actually happen” talking with his fork in hand, were they in the hospital cafeteria as they’d spent most of the night with Regan Central. "Well Rig is real, and so is, well you know, no, that’s right, Caddy is real, and something is going on there, I know we can’t see it just believe it. He called me, who called you? Ctentri, said his proposal, well the one girl he loved and trusted to marry turned him down, he wanted to know was there something in particular he would tell her or say to her? I told him beside those three special words, I love you, no, that he would have to give it time, and just might have to come to the realization it may never be, yeah, unless like him, she come to him, wanting the same, a charity case a marriage just can’t be. He say he’s off to France to, are you serious? Yeah, say he’s to join the Paris Globe, put his beliefs concerning the supreme to work persuading others. How he wanted to thank us for being so honest with him, then he said something really weird, that Caddy really misses me. That I’ll probably see her soon, how he’ll pray that I’m ready. That you’re ready huh? Well, are you, ready? It’s according to what he mean, ahhh come on Vince man, you know what he mean, are you ready to be a husband and father? Husband, are you serious, I don’t know this girl from Eve, no, but what do you know about Eve truly? You know God through her created the perfect, female and regardless of her transgression, he, God, put on flesh, to endure the curse against her, making her, us free. I lost a lot of sleep last night over it, over that one statement he made, I’ll pray you’re ready, but I can’t see it, she hate us and our God a little too much. In alternate reality you met and failed in love with the woman of your dreams, I think Tennyson is that woman, you think, woman of my dream, I never dreamed of a woman before, well actually it was the daughter, that’s because the daughter is the catalyst by which you two love birds will come together. Love birds, yes, love birds, I saw how you looked at and truly admired her, and how she Vince looked at and truly admired you, yeah admired locking me up and throwing away the keys. Well I’m going to go check on Rig, thanks for encouraging me to eat, it was good, tell Rig hello, and not to scare us like that, even tell him, Tyson, what I said, what’s that? What’s what? You just named our child, no I didn’t, yes you did, you call the baby a he, and said his name was Tyson, well don’t pay me no mind, sometimes my head just isn’t right you know. If you need me I’ll be at the weather station, I thought you wasn’t on until later, yeah, well there’s still plenty for me do, as long as you’re not trying to hide from Tennyson, you’re wrong about her, that’s all I got to say.” >>>“Mac,” as one striking her chin like so, but had McKenzie not been herself since she turn down Ctentri’s marriage proposal, hey, where are you today? I hate to admit it Mark, but I think I’m on that plane to France with Ctentri, ahhh, come on, you don’t really believe it do you? It was only to mess with your head, cause you to doubt your own heart, apparently it worked, Ctentri, married, I didn’t even know he liked girls. He said he just realized the homophile lifestyle was hypocritical to his faith at a time in which he’s ready to share himself by or through marriage, that I’m the only female he’s to trust in such a relationship, he said that? Yeah, wow that’s, that’s, I know, it’s kinda incredible, but I said, no, I mean not right away. I had plenty of time to think on it, I guess I just wasn’t ready, yeah Mac but when you think about it, who is? I guess that’s why right now I’m not sure, I don’t know, I guess I made the right decision, yeah and not before long he’ll meet someone who feels exactly the way he does. True, only that’s what she’s afraid of, right Mac? Marriage is so serious, and he’s moving all the way to France, yeah there was talk of the African Juttah as well. My cousin went there recently, and? And she absolutely loved it, all expenses paid, you can visit there as long as you want, again all expenses paid, it’s only that you have to be careful, careful? Yeah, it’s really serious there, you have to be serious about the things of God, any transgressions against Him, or your fellowman you’re forewarn first, and second you’re again forewarn but a third time you’re no were to be found but that hill, so your saying Negel Ophel is real ? Yeah, real deadly and your cousin, went there, no she didn’t go there, if she had she wouldn’t be here, but I thought you, just, ok, so they kill you? No, at least I don't think so, you’re taken there with every opportunity to have a change of heart, mind even, though the games you guys we play here with God and seem to get away with it, there it could get you exiled, even permanently and I’m talking off planet. Still, I would like to go there, the African Juttah? No, that hill, to prove whether it’s real, you probably shouldn’t, my cousin says it seem to know your heart, or what’s in your heart, your true intentions even, the hill? No, the African Juttah, for the believer’s at heart its paradise, but for the unbeliever it’s dangerous, perhaps even deadly. Mac, yes, what you thinking? No, I was just thinking if this is true then why did Ctentri invite me to go there? Ctentri, you’re talking our Ctentri ? Yeah, I don’t get it, I thought he was you know, well Bess not any more, ah that’s just great, I’ve had like this giant crush on him all our lives, he goes straight and ask you? Don’t get your feathers all tarred, she turn him down, he's probably half way to France by now, France? If you guys excuse me, I think I’m gonna be sick, Chess! Look, do any of you guys believe in prayer? Yeah, sort of, Latham, how about you? Ahh, I guess, so is this about Chess? No, my cousin who’s the believer of the family help me pray for something, even someone, but obviously they thought I was you, Chess! Well I’m ok, I got boo-coos of work and so I’m out, and you guys better not talk about me behind my back, and you know we will, so you best stay”

For they say the Lord seeth us not, the lord is ascended from the earth Eze. 8:12. From Beast of Beauty fea. Cadence Nicole Coledalay. As to pluck Ambers from the burning, by Patricia A. Bradford, The Rising Above Ministry,(RAM) © Copyright 1992-2014 By: R.A.M. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
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